Jonathan Waind
PhD student Jonathan Waind.

Having faith in student success

Jonathan Waind, a PhD student in the Faculty of Religious Studies and part of the teaching team for with the McGill Initiative in Globalization and the World’s Religions, feels fortunate to have experienced the impact of financial gifts to the Faculty of Religious Studies.

“Bursaries and fellowships for students, like those given by the Montreal Commandery of the Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, have helped to support my young family while I have pursued doctoral studies during a busy stage of life,” he says.

McGill’s Faculty of Religious Studies has no shortage of talented, dedicated and accomplished students. These budding scholars need solid financial support in order achieve their full potential. Fortunately, numerous students in the Faculty have benefited from scholarships, fellowships and travel awards established by donors throughout the course of Campaign McGill.

For instance, when Montreal’s Slovak Catholic Church of Ascension Eastern Rite (Byzantine) sold their building, the parish contributed a portion of the proceeds to establish entrance scholarships for theological students in memory of its pastor, Monsignor Andrew Sinal.

Students can also benefit from the new Mary Mysak Prize in Asian Religions. Created by McGill Emeritus Professor Lawrence Mysak to honour his late wife, Mary, BA’99, the prize supports graduating students of BA programs in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Asian Religions (Major, Honours or Joint Honours).

Likewise, professors and staff members in the Faculty itself have teamed up with the Campus Community Committee to support the Religious Studies Student Dissertation Fund, which raises money to ease the financial burden that many doctoral students face toward the end of their studies.

“Through the creation of new scholarships and fellowships, donors have played a vital role in improving access for qualified students,” Dean of Religious Studies Ellen Aitken says. “These financial awards are absolutely essential to keeping the Faculty of Religious Studies – and McGill – at the forefront of teaching and scholarship.”