Message from Dean Allison

Paul Allison

It is a well-known fact that great accomplishments represent the sum of many acts of generosity and kindness. Projects are made possible through a community of individuals committed to a common goal they deeply believe in. It is no different in the McGill Faculty of Dentistry, which has the highest rate of donors amongst its alumni at the University. It is this consistent support that has enabled our Faculty to carry out its mission of teaching, research and service to the community with ever growing success.

Over the course of Campaign McGill, alumni support has given way to initiatives that have profoundly impacted the advancement of oral health and countless lives in the community at large. This past year, through the lifetime commitment of alumnus Dr. Joel Berger, the first annual OMFS symposium took place, where researchers came together to share cutting-edge developments in the field or oral surgery. In addition to our ongoing mobile Outreach program that operates on donations entirely, we successfully launched our first permanent satellite community clinic at the Welcome Hall Mission in St-Henri in 2011. There, dental students and residents, overseen by staff members, provide free-dental treatments to low-income families, homeless men and women and new immigrants, among other patients. Furthermore, as part of a generous five-year investment, the Eric T. Webster Foundation has been supporting our Pediatric clinic at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, where free dental care is given to children of refugee and recent immigrant families who are not covered by Medicare. Our friends of the Faculty have also demonstrated their commitment to excellence in education by gifts such as the Harry Rosen Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching, as well as various graduate student awards in mineralized tissues research.

As we now look ahead, we are grateful for the generous support of our alumni and partners in helping us create a new home where nearly the entire Faculty will be brought together for the first time in its history. Our alumni have been a key source of support in making this important project come to life. Featuring the latest high-tech simulation, teaching equipment and experiential and collaborative learning spaces, this new facility will provide cutting edge dental education so that we may continue to move forward with our mission towards even greater achievements.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our alumni, generous donors and partners who have supported us and continue to do so in translating our Faculty’s vision into reality. They are part of the chain of kindness and dedication that makes all of this possible. It is with pride that I look forward to building on our many successes together.

Paul Allison
Dean, Faculty of Dentistry