Robert Steinberg

With not one, but two daughters attending McGill at different times, Bostonian Robert Steinberg has bonded as closely to the University as any grad. It all started when his first daughter, Gabrielle, BSc’12, chose to pursue a science degree at McGill.

The appreciative father started looking for a way to give back – and he has done so in spades. “The number one motivation for me to volunteer was seeing what a good fit McGill has been for my daughters,” he explains. “It’s very hospitable.”

Steinberg is no typical “empty nester.” Instead, he directed his exceptional and enthusiastic parenting skills toward the University. His involvement started right from the beginning, when he attended the first Parents Weekend. Since then, he has embraced the role of Boston Co-Chair for the International Parents Council. In this capacity, Steinberg provides special outreach and coordination in his region, which includes hosting Parents events in his home, on an annual basis.

This proud father does not blend into his surroundings, either. That is, unless he is walking around the McGill campus, where his head-to-toe McGill branded wardrobe just might fit in.

Steinberg is also a generous and devoted supporter of the Parent’s Fund. He has provided gifts to the Faculties of Science and Arts – as an affirmation of his enthusiasm for his daughters’ chosen areas of study – along with other donations over the years.

Steinberg – a McGill parent who wears his pride from head to toe – recently added a new McGill accouterment: He received a McGill Alumni Association Award in 2011.