Maryse Bertrand

Maryse Bertrand

“I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to enjoy the rich and rewarding career I’ve had, and I attribute a lot of my success to having studied law at McGill,” says Maryse Bertrand, BCL’80.

That career has carried her to her current position as VP, Real Estate, Legal Services and General Counsel with the CBC/Radio-Canada, a position she has held since 2009. Previously, she had been a partner with Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, and for a number of years, she also taught securities law at McGill as an adjunct professor.

Bertrand has been a consistent and generous contributor to McGill, targeting many gifts to the Faculty of Law. “I really enjoyed my undergraduate studies,” she recalls. “I liked the other students, I liked my teachers, and I found the topics extremely interesting and the classroom discussions lively. It was a wonderful experience.”

She also donates to the Montreal Neurological Institute, where her father, Gilles Bertrand, served for many years as Chief of Neurosurgery. “Because of my father’s connection – he is retired but still goes into the hospital on a regular basis – I have a lifelong interest in and commitment to the MNI.”

Bertrand’s commitment has led her to serve on the Faculty Advisory Board for over a decade. “It is another way for me to contribute to McGill and I was flattered to be asked,” she says. “McGill has really been able to keep in touch with me in a way that has made me care, even after all these years.”