Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark, with his wife Elaine and their daughter Keiko.

Jeremy Clark

In his first few weeks as a student at McGill, Jeremy Clark, BSc’98, hit a wall. “It was a humbling experience. I came out of high school as a confident kid who thought he had the world by the tail,” he says, “I was used to succeeding with minimal effort, but when I got to McGill, I suddenly found myself in the middle of the heap. I felt like a fish out of water.”

But instead of treading water, Clark dove deep into academia, making the most of his studies. Today, he is reaping the rewards of those efforts, serving as co-owner and managing director of Clark Hetherington Financial Ltd., a Calgary-based company that provides a wide range of financial services.

Clark’s dedication to his alma mater is reflected in his generous gift and bequest to nurture outstanding students from British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. His support has created the Jeremy E. Clark Best in the West Scholarships in Management, which recognize exceptional students in the Desautels Faculty of Management who are pursuing a minor degree in another faculty, while the JE Clark – Best in the West Scholarships are awarded to top students in the Faculty of Science who are undertaking a minor in Management.

“I want to encourage students to become multidisciplinary thinkers,” says Clark, adding that his decision to make a bequest was an easy one. “I don’t believe in making short-term commitments. Even though I’m still in my thirties, I want this to be followed through beyond my lifetime.”

Clark’s involvement with McGill doesn’t stop there. He’s also a member of the Faculty of Science’s Advisory Board and a member at large and past president of the McGill Alumni Association’s branch in Calgary. “There’s something to be said about being part of a university with 200 years of history,” he says. “It’s about more than what the school can give you; it’s what you can give back to the school.”