Seminars and Workshops

Seminars, unless otherwise indicated, are held every Thursday at 3:30 PM in Room 1101 of the McIntyre Medical Sciences Building located at 3655 Promenade Sir William Osler.  Special joint seminars may be held at other locations which will be indicated below.      



12-Jan Dr. Maurice Chacron (McGill) The effects of background on invariant neural representations of natural sensory input
19-Jan Tylor Cassidy (McGill) Mathematical modelling of cyclical neutropenia
26-Jan Dr. Marc D. Ryser (Duke University) The Mathematics of Cancer: Building Bridges between Biologic Mechanism and Population Data
2-Feb Dr. John Mitry (McGill+University of Sydney) Canards and Neural Excitability
9-Feb Dr. Gil Bub (McGill) New methods for cardiac imaging, control, and analysis
16-Feb Dr. Norman A. Mazer (Roche Innovation Center Basel) A Semi-Mechanistic Model of Red Blood Cell Dynamics and the Pathophysiology of Beta Thalassemia
23-Feb Dr. Frithjof Lutscher (University of Ottawa) Behavioural responses to resource heterogeneity can accelerate
2-Mar March Break  
9-Mar Ryan Alexander (McGill) Modeling temporal changes in excitability associated with cerebellar interneurons
16-Mar Dr. Christopher Moraes (McGill) Dispersible engineered sensors to measure dynamic forces and local mechanics in living tissue
23-Mar Chengjie Huang (McGill) Sensory adaptation to behaviourally-relevant stimuli in the electrosensory system
30-Mar Dr. John Rinzel (New York University) Auditory streaming and the cocktail party problem
6-Apr Dr. Claire Brown (McGill) Regulation of cell migration and adhesion dynamics by paxillin phosphorylation
13-Apr Dr. Alan Perelson (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Nonlinear dynamics and HIV functional cure