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Business Production (ISR)
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Business Production:

Provides oversight and leadership in enterprise batch job scheduling, production control, change control, data handling and reporting. Prepares and manages complex workflow automation procedures in a multi-platform environment. Focuses on the planning and integration of recurring processes, change management, secure data handling, reporting, resource optimization, problem tracking, regulatory compliance and procedural documentation.

Business Production is a subunit of Information Systems Resources.

Contact us:

Please send email to ISR Business Production Group and we will respond as soon as possible. If it is an urgent situation during a workday call one of the numbers listed below. If you are calling from outside McGill please dial 514-398-4400 before the extension.

Vince Ferracane 00597
Production Control Developers
Wasim Beshara
Munira Arbach 089500
Rahul Varma 00647
Heather Woo 09900
Henry Zurowski
Gaiane Karapetian 00631
Eric Kinsley
Print Room Operator
Joseph Clarke 00588

If it is an urgent situation please call NCS Operations at 514-398-3699.


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