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Office of the Budget

  • Annual Budget Report

    The Annual Budget is built on integrated budget and resource allocation processes that are fully aligned with the University’s academic priorities.

    Annual Budget Report
  • Operating Budget

    The Operating Budget groups a subset of all unrestricted funds; Operating - university allocation (1A) and Operating – self-financing (1B) fund types only.

    Operating Budget
  • Capital Budget

    The Capital Budget is maintained through a coordinated effort between the Campus and Space Planning Office, the Capital Project and Unrestricted Accounting Office and the Associate Vice-Principal (University Services).

    Capital Budget
  • Carry Forwards

    Please consult the recent changes on 1A carry forward budgets here:

    ● Carry forward reserve memo;
    ● Carry forward QA memo;
    ● Supplementary budget allocation for encumbrances memo.

    Carry Forwards