Policies, Procedures & Processes

Potential renovation or building initiatives are submitted to the Associate Vice-Principal (University Services). The Associate Vice-Principal (University Services) will meet with the Dean to review project list and prioritize the projects. Project estimates are prepared by Facilities Operations and Development. Projects and estimates will be reviewed and approved by the Provost and will form part of the compact discussion between the Provost and the Dean. Once a project has been authorized, it is communicated by the Associate Vice-Principal (University Services), the Teaching and Learning Space Working Group or the Teaching Lab Working Group and where appropriate, it is included in the annual Compact document.

Associate Vice-Principal (University Services)

The Associate Vice-Principal (University Services) is responsible for the overall coordination and oversight of the Capital Budget.

Campus and Space Planning (University Services)

The Campus and Space Planning Office evaluates how an initiative fits into the University’s overall master plan with regards to space requirements, sustainability and accessibility. Please refer to the Campus and Space Planning website for additional useful information on changes to the University’s immovable structures.

If you have any questions, please contact chuck.adler [at] mcgill.ca (Chuck Adler) via e-mail.

Facilities Operations and Development (University Services)

Facilities Operations and Development is responsible for managing the design and cost elements of all construction and renovation projects on University property.

If you have any questions, please contact robert.d.stanley [at] mcgill.ca (Robert Stanley) via e-mail.

Capital Project (Financial Services)

The Capital Project Office is responsible for the financial administration of all approved construction or renovation projects. Please refer to the Capital Expenditures section of the Financial Handbook for the most recent policies.

If you have any questions, please contact christine.butler [at] mcgill.ca (Christine Butler) via e-mail.

Teaching and Learning Space Working Group

The Teaching and Learning Space Working Group sets priorities and recommends funding to create or upgrade teaching and learning spaces at the University. Please visit the Teaching and Learning Space Working Group website for more information