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January 2018

Today Is Wilder Penfield’s 127th Birthday. Here’s Why Google Is Honoring Him
26 January (Time)

Alzheimer's: Clinical trial using magnetic pulses in bid to halt disease's progress (Lisa Koski)
25 January (Montreal Gazette)

Canadian brain bank network to advance research on Alzheimer’s diseased (Howard Chertkow, Nahum Sonenberg)
24 January (Med e-News)

Six McGill researchers awarded more than $59M by CFI and Quebec (Sara Ahmed, Abbas F. Sadikot)
19 January (McGill Reporter)

Severe bullying in childhood tied to mental health woes in teens
19 January (Med e-News - CMAJ)

Alzheimer’s disease: neuronal loss very limited
17 January (Med e-News)

Trump’s cognitive test was created by a Lebanese immigrant to Canada, Ziad Nasreddine
17 January (Washington Post)

Being bilingual may help autistic children (Aparna Nadig)
16 January (Med e-News)

Flawed research methods exaggerate the prevalence of depression (Brett Thombs)
16 January (Med e-News)

Progression of Parkinson’s disease follows brain connectivity
12 January (Med e-News)

Not all carriers of defective gene will develop Alzheimer’s disease (Véronique Bohbot)
11 January (Le Devoir)

A Scientist's Gender Can Skew Research Results (Jeffrey Mogil)
10 January (NPR)

McGill researchers contribute to three of 10 ‘discoveries of year’ selected by Quebec Science for 2017
5 January (Med e-News)

Athletes more aware of concussion symptoms, but are still playing through: McGill study (Scott J. Delaney)
5 January (CTV News)

Many McGillians honoured by Governor General with the Order of Canada
4 January (McGill Reporter)

Five New Year Resolutions to Improve your Mental Health (Rob Whitley)
1 January (Psychology Today)