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How We See It

McGill University is at the heart of a world-leading capability in basic and clinical neuroscience research.  The Brain@McGill provides the focal point for a network of internationally recognized institutes that contribute to this standing.

Our mission is to develop an integrating strategy that will expand our success in neuroscience research and support McGill’s position as a leader at the national and international levels.

This new undertaking unites hundreds of researchers, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows within our own network. It also connects hundreds more through global partnerships such as those with University of Oxford, Imperial College London and the Neuroscience Center of Zurich.

One very important goal of the Brain@McGill is opening an exchange of information in the public environs.  Much of the research examines how the brain functions in everyday life, for example, how our nervous system influences the way we perceive or learn music, or the economic impact of mental health.

The Brain@McGill aims to bring the wonders of neuroscience to the streets, to popular events in the Montreal area and beyond, with the objective of helping society better understand this profoundly crucial feature of the human body and destigmatize brain and mental health disorders.