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James McGill Signature Collection

The founder of McGill University is immortalized with a statue on campus to symbolize excellence-the hallmark of McGill! You can now wear this symbol with pride!

James McGill Signature Collection

McGill Branded Adidas Gear

Go "all-in" with Adidas sports wear. Swing by the Bookstore and check out our latest collection of McGill branded sports gear.

Summer Semeter- Course Materials

Purchase your course materials for the start of the Summer semester today! You can now purchase your textbooks, course packs and other course materials in-store and online.

Now, until Auguust 31st, save 20% on select residency titles. Swing by our second floor and enter the residency raffles for a chance to win one of two medical titles and a Littmann Classic III Stethoscope.

Residency Catalogue

Go Set A Watchman: Save 30%

Guarantee your copy of Go Set A Watchman by pre-ordering online or swinging by the Bookstore and speaking with a cashier.

The third floor of the bookstore is dedicated to Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry, Engineering and other sciences. There is also a large selection of books in law, business and languages.

McGill Bookstore Stairs

The medical section has hundreds of titles in the fields of anesthesiology, cardiology, oncology, pharmacology and many more. The largest sections, internal medicine, radiology and psychiatry, include the most up-to-date publications. The store carries a vast selection of current reviews in all medical disciplines, such as Secrets, Lange, Made Ridiculously Simple, NMS, as well as all the MCAT reviews and USMLE reviews. Top bestsellers in the medical field include Washington Manual, Merck Manual, Tarascon and CPS, just to mention a few. We carry all of the Netter books and cards at all times.

Sections on Dentistry, Dermatology and Infectious Disease have recently been expanded to better meet customer demands. General Medicine has the most recent and informative books on current news issues.

The store also carries required equipment such as lab coats, safety glasses, gloves and dissection kits, as well as Littman stethoscopes, blood pressure units and otoscopes.

We take great pride in our Nursing section, which has grown over the years. It includes review manuals both for the Canadian Nursing exam and NCLEX exam, and all the current drug guides are readily available.

We have all the up-to-date health trend publications such as Atkins and South Beach, not to mention a wide variety of yoga, pilates and weight training.

Our science, engineering and computer sections have been specifically selected with care by our buyers for the McGill community as well as the public at large.

Languages is another section of the third floor. We carry the most reliable reference material of the most reputable book publishers. We have all TOEFL preparation material for foreign students wishing to pass the language exam.


Jason Kack, General Manager, Tel.:514-398-6909
Johanne Dube, Professional Reference Buyer, Tel.:514-398-5090 Email: johanne [dot] dube [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Johanne Dube)

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