Composition and Membership



The Board of Governors is composed of twenty-five voting members and two non-voting student observers. Some former members of the Board of Governors are appointed as governors emeriti.


  • Chancellor, ex officio
  • Principal and Vice-Chancellor, ex officio
  • 12 members-at-large
  • 3 representatives of the McGill Alumni Association
  • 2 representatives of Senate
  • 2 representatives of the academic staff
  • 2 representatives of the administrative and support staff
  • 1 representative of the Students' Society of McGill University
  • 1 representative of the Post-Graduate Students' Society

Observers ("voice but no vote")

  • 1 representative of the McGill Association of Continuing Education Students
  • 1 representative of the Macdonald Campus Students' Society



As of July 1, 2017, the twenty-five voting members of the Board are:



(prior terms began)



The Chancellor        

MEIGHEN, Michael


July 1, 2017 ("14)


Jun. 30, 2021

The Principal & Vice-Chancellor
FORTIER, Suzanne   July 1, 2018 (Sept. 5, 2013)   June 30, 2023

BERTRAND, Maryse   May 1, 2016   June 30, 2021
BOURQUE, Nathalie   Dec. 2, 2014   June 30, 2020
BOYCHUK, Michael   July. 1, 2017 ('12)   June 30, 2022
COUGHLIN, Peter   Jan. 1, 2016 ('11)   June 30, 2021
FAZEL, Kathy   Jan. 1, 2013 ('08)   June 30, 2018

GÉNÉREUX, Claude, Vice-Chair


Jan. 1, 2015 ('10)


June 30, 2020

HALPERIN, Stephen   Dec. 13, 2012   June 30, 2018
MATUSZWESKI, Pierre   July 1, 2017   June 31, 2022
MINZBERG, Samuel   Jan. 1, 2016 ('11)   June 30, 2021
PANDA, Ram, Chair  

July 1, 2017

July 1, 2019 ('14)


June 31, 2022 (Chair)

June 30, 2024 (member)

PRICE VERREAULT, Cynthia   July 1, 2017   June 30, 2022



Jan 1, 2015 (Feb 15 '10)


June 30, 2020

Alumni Association Representatives        
DESNOYERS, Alan   Jan 1, 2017   June 30, 2022
HAYNES, Bryan   Jan. 1, 2013   June 30, 2018
HOBDAY, Tina   Jan. 1, 2014   June 30, 2019

Academic Staff Representatives
BARNEY, Darin   Jan. 1, 2017   June 30, 2020
NYSTROM, Derek   Jan. 1, 2016   June 30, 2019

Administrative & Support Staff Representatives
CRITCHLEY, Ron   Jan. 1, 2016 ('13) ('10)   June 30, 2019


  Feb. 8, 2016   June 30, 2018

Senate Representatives
HARPP, David Noble   Jan. 1, 2015 ('12)('09)   June 30, 2018
ZORYCHTA, Edith   Jan. 1, 2016 ('13)   June 30, 2019

Student Representatives
LAVIGNE, Jacob (PGSS)   June 1, 2017   May 31, 2018
TOJIBOEVA, Muna (SSMU)   June 1, 2017   May 31, 2018


Student Observers ("voice but no vote")

 ALI, Abeer Almir (MACES)                   June 1, 2017                 May 31, 2018
LEFEBVRE, Alice (MCSS)   June 1, 2017   May 31, 2018




     Representative of the Academic Staff
  Term ends December 31, 2019

Darin Barney is the Grierson Chair in Communication Studies at McGill University. He was born in Burnaby, Canada, and studied at Simon Fraser University and the University of Toronto, where he trained in political theory and received a Ph.D. in 1999. He has held positions at several universities in Canada and the United States, including the University of New Brunswick, the University of Ottawa, and Harvey Mudd College, where he was Hixon-Riggs Visiting Professor of Science, Technology and Society (2002). From 2005-2015, he was Canada Research Chair in Technology & Citizenship at McGill University, where he has also served as Chair of the Department of Art History and Communication Studies (2005-2007), Director of the Graduate Program in Communication Studies (2010-2013; 2016-17), and as a member the McGill Senate (2009-2012). He has served as President of the Canadian Communication Association (2010-2012), and as a member of the Advisory Council of the Law Commission of Canada (2000-2005). He has received several awards for his academic work, including the inaugural Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada's Aurora Prize (2003) for outstanding contribution to Canadian intellectual life by a new researcher.

Darin Barney is the author of several scholarly works, including One Nation Under Google: Citizenship in the Technological Republic (2007 Hart House Lecture); Communication Technology: The Canadian Democratic Audit (UBC Press: 2005); The Network Society (Polity Press: 2004); and Prometheus Wired: The Hope for Democracy in the Age of Network Technology (University of Chicago Press 2000). He is co-editor of several books and journal editions, including The Participatory Condition (University of Minnesota Press: 2016, with Coleman, Ross, Sterne and Tembeck); Community in the Digital Age: Philosophy and Practice (Rowman and Littlefield: 2004 with Andrew Feenberg) and a special issue of Theory & Event on Quebec’s “Maple Spring” (2012; with Brian Massumi and Cayley Sorochan). He has published over fifty articles in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and edited volumes, and has delivered over eighty invited lectures and seminars around the world.

Barney’s current research focuses on materialist approaches to media and communication, infrastructure and democratic politics. He is presently completing a project on grain-handling infrastructure and the transformation of political subjectivity on the Canadian prairies, and beginning a project on pipelines as media of political action. He is a member of the Petrocultures Research Group, the After Oil collective, a founding member of Media@McGill, and a Director of the Radical Critical Theory Circle. 



Member-at-large                                              Term ends June 30, 2021

Ms Bertrand was General Counsel and member of the Senior Executive Team of the Canadian public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada, until 2015. She was responsible for the Real Estate and Health, Safety and Environment portfolios in addition to the Legal and Corporate Secretariat functions. She also chaired the National Crisis Management Committee of the organization as well as the Board of Directors of ArTV, a specialty channel. Before joining CBC/Radio-Canada, Ms. Bertrand was a partner with Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg where she was recognized as a leading practitioner in corporate law and mergers and acquisitions. She was a member of the firm’s management committee from 2000 to 2005.

Ms. Bertrand earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Law with high distinction from McGill University (Upper 2nd Cl. Honours, University Scholar 1978 to 1980). She is a member of the Quebec Bar and a recipient of several awards including the Advocatus Emeritus (Ad. E.) distinction awarded by the Bar in recognition of an exceptional contribution to the legal profession.

Ms. Bertrand is a member of the board of directors of the National Bank of Canada, of its Risk Management Committee and she chairs its Conduct Review and Governance Committee. She is also a member of the board of directors of Metro Inc. and of its Nominating and Governance Committee. She was a director of La Senza Inc., a specialty retailer with stores across Canada and abroad, until its acquisition by The Limited, and was a member of its Audit and Chair of its Governance committees. Ms. Bertrand currently serves as a member of the Human Resources Committee of the McGill Board of Governors, and began her five-year term as a member-at-large of the Board on May 1, 2016. In addition, she has been on the Faculty Advisory Board to McGill Law School for more than 15 years and is also a member of several other volunteer organizations.


BOURQUE, Nathalie

Member-at-large                                              Term ends June 30, 2020
Nathalie served as VP Public Affairs and Global Communications for CAE Inc. from 2005 until her retirement in 2015. In this role, she improved drastically CAE’s reputation and presence and has secured more than $1B for R&D. In the past, she was a senior partner at NATIONAL Public Relations, where she worked with publicly listed companies in investor relations, communications and crisis management. For NATIONAL, she was the person in charge of public relations and investor relations during the whole CINAR crisis. She also did many IPOs during her tenure at NATIONAL.
She sits on the Board of Alimentation Couche‐Tard and is also a member of the HR and Governance committee. She is also a member of the Board of McGill University and of its Finance committee.
She was a member of Services financiers CDPQ, a subsidiary of La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. She was also a member of the board of Horizons Life Sciences and many non‐profit organisations throughout the years, including as Chairwoman of the MBA Association of Québec and Cercle Finance et Placement du Québec.


BOYCHUK, Michael

Member-at-large   Term ends June 2022

A native Montrealer, Michael Boychuk’s first semester at McGill University set the course for the rest of his career. Though he arrived with “no clue” what he was doing, a lecturer in a general accounting class noticed his knack for the discipline and suggested he switch into a specialty. Mr. Boychuk went on to graduate from McGill (BCom 1977, GDPA 1978, CPA, CA 1979, FCPA, FCA 2012) and became a chartered accountant, which was a means of opening up all sorts of opportunities that led a varied career working in the private equity world, the real estate sphere, the banking world and the telecom business.

Mr. Boychuk served as President of Bimcor Inc. from July 2009 to June 2015 and also as its Chief Executive Officer. Prior to this position, he was the Senior Vice-President and Corporate Treasurer of BCE Inc. and Bell Canada (November 1999-2009). Mr. Boychuk began his career with KPMG (Peat Marwick) and later joined the Montreal Trust Company where he held progressively senior positions until 1993. From 1994 to 1997, he co-founded Manitex Capital Inc., a private equity merchant bank. Mr. Boychuk has served on a number of private and public company boards and is currently on the Board of IIROC, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, where he serves on the governance committee. He is also a member of the International Advisory Board of the Faculty of Management of McGill University.

In addition to his volunteer work for McGill, Mr. Boychuk supports a number of philanthropic causes, including St. Mary’s Hospital, the Royal Victoria Hospital, and the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. In his spare time, Mr. Boychuk enjoys golf and winter sports such as skiing and snowshoeing. Above all, he prefers spending time with his family (wife Deborah and children Kimberly and Michael-Ryan), who share his love of travel – trips to France, Spain, and Italy have included his son and daughter who are both proud McGill alumni. Next on the family itinerary: China.

As a member of the McGill Board of Governors, where he acts as Chairman of the Audit Committee, Mr. Boychuk enjoys getting a look at the University “from the other side of the fence” and considers it a unique opportunity: “It’s a chance to learn the inner workings of what it takes for McGill to be the institution that it is.”



Representative of the administrative and support staff   Term ends Dec. 2017

After saying goodbye to his hometown of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Victor Chisholm came to McGill University in 1993 for his B.A. in Economics and Sociology. He is delighted not to have found a reason to leave. Mr. Chisholm currently works as the Faculty of Science’s Undergraduate Research Officer. “McGill students are exceptionally talented, and I love helping them get more out of studying at a leading research-intensive university,” he says.

Outside McGill, Mr. Chisholm has served as a volunteer first aider with the Red Cross, especially at cycling events. “Mostly I gave out bandages, smiles, permission to stop, or encouragement to continue,” he reflects. “Nothing will compare with the day that other volunteers on my team performed CPR and saved a man's life. Very few interventions are like that, but every day we made a difference by being there and being ready for people who needed us.”

Mr. Chisholm sings in various sacred and secular choirs in Montreal; these have given him the opportunity to perform in Carnegie Hall and at the United Nations. Some of his other interests are languages, hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. He is perhaps happiest when exploring new places on his touring bicycle.



Member-at-large   Term ends June 2021

Originally from Toronto, Peter Coughlin moved to Montreal in 1979. Although he entertained the notion of becoming a high school teacher, his commerce degree from Carleton University and MBA from the University of Western Ontario led him in a different direction. Mr. Coughlin went on to become the co-founder of Redbourne Properties Inc., a Montreal-based real estate and investment company formed in 1995. Prior to forming Redbourne, Mr. Coughlin was President of Claridge Properties Inc. the real estate holding company for the Charles R. Bronfman Family.

The former Chair of the Board of Lower Canada College, Mr. Coughlin has always considered education a priority, and he is happy and proud that his three children completed university degrees. Perhaps not surprisingly, all three maintain an involvement with education: his son, though not a teacher, holds a teaching certificate, his daughter is a teacher, and his other son is completing a PhD.

Mr. Coughlin is also the former Chair and current member of the Board of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation. He currently serves on the Building and Property Committee of the McGill University Board of Governors.

A reader of both fiction and non-fiction, Mr. Coughlin likes to stay active and enjoys running and playing hockey, as well as spending time at his country home in the Eastern Townships. He celebrated his 60th birthday with his two sons by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – and he hopes to climb another mountain soon.



Representative of the administrative and support staff   Term ends Dec. 2018

Montreal native Ron Critchley just passed the quarter-century milestone on McGill’s staff. He worked in the admissions office for a dozen years, then switched in 2000 to his current position as academic advisor in the Desautels Faculty of Management, a position he says suits him well.

“No day is the same. Students bring a host of problems — and their own significant successes — to us. It’s fun watching them succeed, to see them get to the end of their dreams as undergraduates. I love it.”

The infectiously upbeat Mr. Critchley serves on the board as a representative of the McGill University Non-Academic Staff Association. Currently serving as its president, MUNASA grabbed his interest more than a decade ago, he says, as it “makes a very big difference in the lives of the workers,” rendering McGill a better workplace.

After earning an Honours B.A. from Concordia University/Loyola and an M.A. from York, Mr. Critchley moved to the rural community of Huntingdon. Now in his third term as a town counselor there, he serves on the urbanism committee, which “runs the gamut from hedges to the size of sidewalks.” He enjoys it, he says, because “being on council can have an immediate effect on your neighbourhood.”

In that vein, Mr. Critchley has also served as President of the Huntingdon branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, has helped out at local Scouts and Red Cross chapters and at S.C.A.B.R.I.C. (the Chateauguay Watershed Management Agency). He has also been active in federal politics, having served as both a political party election agent and financial agent.

Mr. Critchley has been married for over 25 years and has three university-age children. In his free time he enjoys putting his feet up with a book on European or Canadian history or politics. “I’m ambidextrous,” he jokes. “I like to read right across the political spectrum from left to right and on all sorts of topics.”

Mr. Critchley is currently serving as a member on the Executive, CAMSR, Nominating, Governance and Ethics committees and as an observer on the Finance Committee of the Board of Governors.



Representative of the Alumni Association   Term ends Dec. 2021

Alan is Vice-President and Managing Director of BMO Private Banking for the Greater Toronto Area and has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He has previously served as President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary of the MAA Board of Directors and was Chair of McGill Homecoming. Alan has an extensive history of community involvement, serving as a member of the 2012-2015 Campaign Cabinet for Centraide of Greater Montreal and as Co-Chair of the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. He has also been a member of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation Board and the Board of Trustees of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Foundation.


FAZEL, Kathy

Member-at-Large   Term ends June 2018

Kathy Fazel describes McGill as “a place that opened the world” for her. Coming from a small CEGEP, the diversity of the student body and the range of clubs and activities at McGill made an impression – and Ms. Fazel made the most of it. She graduated as University Scholar and winner of the 1991 Firestone Economics Award, earning a BComm with joint honours in Economics and Finance.

Ms. Fazel obtained her Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1994 and is a past president of the Board of Directors of the Montreal CFA Society and a former Director of the Canadian Council of Financial Analysts.  Before joining the investment management firm of Phillips, Hager & North in 2006 as head of their Montreal office, Ms. Fazel worked for more than 10 years as analyst and portfolio manager at the investment management division of a major Canadian bank. At PH&N Investment Counsel, Ms. Fazel manages portfolios on behalf of private clients and non-profit organizations. Ms. Fazel is also the co-founder of WIFI: Women Investing for Impact, an organization that aims to innovate the not-for-profit sector through impact investments and sustainable business models.

Though she currently serves on the Finance and Investment committees of the Board of Governors, Ms. Fazel remembers a different kind of volunteer work from her time as a student – lending a hand at McGill Nightline. Equipped with a long list of resources, she and her fellow volunteers worked night shifts answering the help line designed for McGill students in crisis.

“It was a great experience of staying up late and speaking to all kinds of people,” Ms. Fazel remembers.  “Sometimes if you fail an exam you don’t know who to call.”  A lover of travel as well as of nature, Ms. Fazel spends her spare time snowshoeing and hiking, recently trekking to Machu Picchu. Though she practices yoga and Tai Chi to counteract the stresses of her job, she enjoys the challenges of her career and would love to see more young women pursuing finance: “What I love about what I do is that it’s so impacted by world events, politics, and economics – there’s always something new to learn every day.”



Member-at-Large, Vice Chair Term ends June 2020

“For the first 20 years of my life, being from Saint-Vincent Paul in Laval was different from being from Montreal,” says Claude Généreux of his home town.

Mr. Généreux felt that difference when he started his Bachelor of Engineering at McGill in the early ’80s — but not for long. From his apartment near campus, his linguistic and cultural immersion was, he recalls, “very welcoming. I was surprised to see that a francophone with very little English could just show up and be helped.”

Mr. Généreux helped his own integration along by joining intramural broomball, flag football and hockey teams, which he remembers vividly. He also involved himself in civil engineering student organizations and was even a Redmen linebacker for a season.

His broad involvement and scholastic proficiency earned him a Rhodes Scholarship. During the second year of his Masters in politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford, he was recruited by international business consultant McKinsey during what was only the company’s second year of hiring non-MBA graduates.

“They were targeting scholarship students in the U.S. and Europe,” he explains. “I was told that working for them would be like pursuing an MBA, which I was contemplating, but that I would be learning things more concretely.” He gave it a try, imagining himself moving on to other pursuits in two years. “But that did not happen.”

That was 1987. After working in McKinsey’s Stockholm, Paris and Toronto offices, he returned to Quebec in 1991 to help launch the company’s Montreal office. He was location manager in Montreal from 2000 to 2003, led the firm’s Electric Power and Natural Gas Practice and its 400 employees from Paris from 2003 to 2009, and has since returned to Montreal with his family, where, as a Director of the company, he continues to serve international clients.

One of Mr. Genereux’s pro bono clients is his alma mater. Through the Strategic Reframing Initiative (SRI), McGill benefits from his team’s analyses on how to improve competitiveness in such areas as research, alumni and foundation giving, costs, and enrollment strategies. His expertise has proven especially useful in improving the energy efficiency of the university’s aging infrastructure.

“I think I’ve been a better board member having served on SRI,” he says. “Serving on the board is a great way of giving back to an important institution. McGill took this francophone Saint-Vincent Paul guy and exposed me to a new language and perspectives that paved the way to a Rhodes and a great career.”

When not working, Mr. Genereux enjoys organizing family trips around his passion, road cycling, with his high-school sweetheart wife and three teenage children.



Member-at-Large   Term ends June 2018

Stephen Halperin was born in Montreal and raised in “various working-class neighbourhoods, as part of a family of typical Montreal renters.”

Both editor-in-chief of the student newspaper during his political science undergraduate degree at Sir George Williams University and a college sports writer for the Canadian Press, Mr. Halperin deliberated long and hard between journalism and law for post-graduate studies. Finally, his father provided some sage advice: “‘You can always be a journalist with a law degree, but you can’t be a lawyer without one.’ So, I chose law and I never looked back.”

To say he made the right choice is an understatement. “As soon as I started McGill Law School, I knew I wanted to be a practicing lawyer. I just found it fascinating.”

That fascination has rewarded Mr. Halperin with great work and impressive results. A partner, member of the Executive Committee, and co-chair of the corporate securities group at Goodmans LLP, in Toronto, his practice has for many years been focused upon transactional corporate and securities law, with particular emphasis on domestic and international corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and corporate governance matters.

Mr. Halperin is at the top of the corporate dealmaker ladder not just in Canada but around the world. Among his many, many accolades and high rankings, he has been selected as Toronto Corporate Lawyer of the Year and Corporate Governance Lawyer of the Year in consecutive editions of Best Lawyers in Canada, has been named by Euromoney as one of the 30 best capital markets lawyers and 30 best mergers and acquisitions lawyers in the world, and has been described by Chambers Global as “universally acknowledged to operate at the very top level,” a “go-to guy, particularly for complex, larger-scale corporate finance and M&A” and “as good as it gets in Canada”.

Mr. Halperin has a strong commitment to legal education.  He has taught and lectured at the law schools of the University of Toronto, Queen’s and McGill and at the Ontario Law Society’s Special Lectures.  He calls legal education “a tremendous door-opener for many things in addition to conventional law practice:  journalism, government, working in the corporate and in not-for-profit sectors, investment banking and management consulting, among others”.

The framed sketch of McGill’s law school hanging by his office window attests to his fond memories of his time there pursuing his double law degrees in the mid-’70s. “McGill has a very special spot in my heart. I’m proud to have a degree from McGill and have been happy to be able to give something back in terms of my time.”

A long-time member of the McGill Law Faculty’s Advisory Board, the university’s Board of Governors also benefits from his financial expertise on the Audit Committee. He has served on many boards, both corporate and charitable, which currently include those of Mount Sinai Hospital and Cott Corporation.

As generous with his money as his time, Mr. Halperin and his wife, a graduate of McGill’s School of Social work, have donated both to the dual-degree program in law and social work and have designated funds for innovative teaching in corporate and business law at his alma mater’s Faculty of Law.

He characterizes himself as “an ardent, struggling golfer” who took up the sport at 50 and usually scores in the 90s.  When not on the links or at the office, Mr. Halperin enjoys travel with his wife and spending time with his three grandchildren from his two daughters, both McGill alumnae.


HARPP, David N.

Representative of Senate   Term ends Dec. 2017

Dr. David Harpp has kept the house where he grew up in the Adirondack region of Upstate New York. His daughter, a professor at nearby Colgate University, is fond of it. 

An alumnus of Middlebury College and the University of North Carolina, Dr. Harpp joined McGill in 1966 as an assistant professor, became a full professor in 1975, and was recently appointed to the Tomlinson Chair in Science Education.

Not only an organic chemistry researcher with over 200 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Harpp is also a celebrated and popular teacher. He won the inaugural Leo Yaffe Award for Excellence in Teaching, the David Thomson Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision and Teaching, the inaugural Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching, and several other research and teaching awards in the U.S.

He has taught over 50,000 students, and frequently tells them how he drifted at their age before deciding that being a professor “somehow seemed like a good calling. And they appreciate it,” says Harpp, the first academic in his family. “Many of them think that they are supposed to know what they want to do at nineteen, which to me seems unreasonable.”

He contributes to the Board the perspective of teaching some of the university’s largest classes. Along with Professors Joe Schwarcz and Ariel Fenster, Dr. Harpp established the Office for Science and Society in 1999 that has bridged academia and the wider community. For their work the three have received the Royal Society of Canada’s McNeil Medal for the Public Awareness of Science and the Michael Smith Award from the Government of Canada.

Dr. Harpp is the current University Marshal, President of the Faculty Club and serves as a member of McGill’s CAMSR, Building and Property and Executive committees of the Board of Governors.

With his two daughters, one a grade-school teacher in Rye, New York and the other the Colgate University professor, Dr. Harpp likes to run half marathons — “but not that fast,” he admits. “I used to do shorter distances reasonably well, but time has a way of slowing down the knees,” he said, adding “I am threatening to walk part of our next half marathon”. He also loves spending time with his wife, Bonnie Folkins.



Representative of the Alumni Association

  Term ends in Dec. 2017

Bryan Haynes grew up in Vancouver but, following in the footsteps of two of his uncles, he notes with a chuckle, “I was influenced by my family to attend McGill.”

But after a BA in history and political science, then law school, it’s clearly not an influence he regrets. Mr. Haynes and his wife were married in the Birks Building Chapel and held their reception at McGill’s Faculty Club. “I had a great experience at McGill and will be forever grateful for what it’s given me. It’s a unique Canadian institution, and I’m a huge ambassador for it wherever I go.”

That outreach has included working through alumni branches in his native Vancouver and now Calgary, where he is partner and co-head of the corporate commercial practice group at Bennett Jones LLP. His passion for his work isn’t complicated, he says. “I like working with people — both in a team environment, and with my clients. I get an adrenaline boost when I’m making a difference, helping clients achieve their goals.”

Mr. Haynes has been recognized as one of Lexpert’s Rising Stars, Canada’s top 40 lawyers under 40. He frequently lectures on legal aspects of buying and selling a business, mergers and acquisitions deal points, and purchase and sale agreements, and has contributed a recurring column to Canadian Lawyer magazine covering business law issues.

Mr. Haynes began campaigning for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation after his brother succumbed from complications of the disease at age 35. “I lost my best friend and only brother. It was hard, and I’d certainly like to help other people avoid that experience. So I got involved to help with the mission of finding a cure.”

Although he admits he “wasn’t quite good enough to be in the race line-up,” he still applies what he learned on the McGill Alpine Ski team on weekends in the Rockies today. A wine connoisseur with a 1200-bottle cellar which, he says, “I happily stock and overstock,” Mr. Haynes also enjoys visiting the Okanagan and Napa Valleys and Europe’s wine regions with his wife and two teenaged daughters.



Representative of the Alumni Association

  Term ends in Dec. 2018

Tina Hobday, a partner since 2001, has developed considerable expertise in the fields of pension plan litigation and governance and is currently representing pension interests in several high-profile insolvency proceedings.

She also practices in the area of public and administrative law, and has substantial experience in professional and disciplinary law. As an experienced litigator, she represents clients before the civil and federal courts, including statutory appeals before the Federal Court of Appeal, and before administrative tribunals.

She has been involved with McGill University for a number of years and is currently the Past President of the McGill Alumni Association and member of the Board of Governors of McGill University. She is also a former Practice Group Leader of the firm’s Montreal Litigation Group. She is currently the Pension Law Practice Group Leader, as well as an executive committee member of the Canadian Bar Association’s pension section.



Student Observers ("voice but no vote") 

  Term ends in May 2018

Alice Lefebvre is an undergraduate student in the Bioresource Engineering program of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. During her first year at McGill University, she has shown great commitment to the school, by getting involved in various activities on campus. She dedicated her time to the Bioresource Engineering Association as the First Year Representative and to the MacDonald Campus Student Society as a Member at Large. She decided to pursue her commitment to the MCSS for her second year at McGill as the Vice-President of University Affairs. She will be representing the MacDonald Campus student's interests at a university level and will be the connection between the two McGill campuses in Montreal. She will be sitting on the CAMSR committee for the 2017-2018 school year.

Studying in the Bioresource Engineering program shows that Alice has great concerns about the environment. She also volunteered in many non-profit organizations in the city of Montreal since she began high school. Sustainable development and the well being of the community are issues that have always been important to Alice. Furthermore, she enjoys road biking around the region of Montreal and listening to her favorite disco/funk artists!    



Student Observers ("voice but no vote") 

  Term ends in May 2018

Jacob Lavigne is a doctoral student in the program of Experimental Surgery at McGill University. He is conducting research in the field of orthopaedics, and more specifically, developing algorithms to optimize hip fracture treatments. Originally from Montreal, he studied Health Sciences at Dawson College, then completed an undergraduate degree in Biology/Biochemistry at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. During his post-secondary education, he quickly got involved in student groups, serving as a member of the Mount Allison Student Union Council for the three years, two of which he served as student Senator. He was involved in numerous committees, both at the student union and university level, as well as various student clubs and served as a research assistant during two summers.

As a student at McGill, he continues to remain active, serving as Vice President Academics for his departmental association, Founder and President of the McGill Additive Manufacturing Students’ Society, President of the Quartier de l’Innovation Students’ Society and as External Affairs Officer of the Post-Graduate Students’ Society. As External Affairs Officer, he has contributed to advancing the political agenda of PGSS by taking part in the meetings of the Quebec Student Union and Association for a Voice for Education in Quebec, to the incorporation of thinkGRAD (a think tank for graduate student issues), and the dissolution of the now defunct Fédération Étudiante Universitaire du Quebec. He has also served as the McGill Ambassador for Hacking Health – a non-profit that aims to catalyze innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration and technologies.

In his spare time, Jacob enjoys spending time outdoors and playing sports, mainly cycling, hockey and rock climbing.   



Member-at-Large    Term Ends 2022

Group Country Head for Société Générale in Canada since January 1st, 2009, Pierre provides local leadership in setting the bank’s strategy and interfacing with the Bank’s regulator, OSFI, and senior executives of its corporate, government and institutional clients.

Mr. Matuszewski joined Société Générale in February 1997 as head of mergers and acquisitions in Canada after a career at several leading Canadian investment banks. He subsequently headed Corporate banking operations before becoming the first Canadian Country Head for Société Générale in Canada on January 1, 2009. In September 2014, Pierre also became the CEO of Société Générale Capital Canada Inc. (formerly Newedge Canada) a broker-dealer regulated by IIROC, Canada’s preeminent firm on the Montreal Derivatives Exchange.

Pierre Matuszewski holds an M.B.A. from McGill University as well as a B.A. (Honours) in Economics from Laval University. In 2012, he obtained the corporate director certification (ICD.D designation) from the Institute of Corporate Directors at the Rotman School of Business.

Mr. Matuszewski currently serves as a member of the Finance Committee of the McGill Board of Governors, and will begin a five-year term as a member-at-large of the Board in 2017.


MEIGHEN, Michael

(Chancellor, Governor Emeritus)   Term ends June 2021

The Honorable Michael A. Meighen, QC (BA’60, LLD’12) began his association with McGill as a student half a century ago, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1960. Raised in a family with a long history in both law and politics, he followed the path of his father and grandfather (Arthur Meighen, Canada’s ninth Prime Minister). In 1963, he earned his LLL from Université Laval and began a distinguished law career, practising in both Ontario and Quebec.

His career reached one of its highest points in 1985, when he served as legal co-counsel to the Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals in Canada, under the direction of Chief Justice Jules Deschênes of the Quebec Superior Court.  Dr. Meighen became active in politics in 1972, and was elected National President of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Subsequent to his participation in the Deschênes Commission, he was appointed by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to the Senate of Canada in September 1990, and remained there until his retirement in February 2012.

The same year as his Senate appointment, Dr. Meighen became Counsel at the law firm of Meighen Demers, which merged in 2001 with Ogilvy Renault. Today, he continues to practise alongside such figures as the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney and former Chief Justice of Quebec, Mr. Pierre A. Michaud. As well, he has has served on the boards of numerous public companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Established by his father in 1969, Dr. Meighen is the present chair of the T.R. Meighen Family Foundation, and has used his position to direct more than $31 million in philanthropic gifts to such organizations as the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, the Child Development Institute and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. There have been significant gifts to a number of universities and the Foundation also supports scholarships at the University of New Brunswick, the University of Western Ontario and, of course, McGill University.

Over the years, he has never forgotten his alma mater, and as a member of the Board of Governors he also chaired the McGill Fund Council and the Campaign Steering Committee. As co-chair of Campaign McGill: History in the Making, he encouraged alumni and friends to support the University, having set a remarkable example with a $5-million gift to help launch the Campaign.

Michael Meighen is among the most accomplished alumni ever to receive a degree from McGill University. In his career as a lawyer, politician and philanthropist, he has consistently provided an image of principled dedication and achievement. His devotion to the public is exemplary – whether he is providing the framework for prosecuting war criminals, chairing Senate committees, or sitting on the boards of universities, arts organizations, charities and conservancies.


Member-at-Large   Term ends June 2021

Samuel Minzberg completed his BA and BCL (Bachelor of Civil Law) and LLB (Bachelor of Common Law) degrees at McGill University – a period he looks back on as among the best years of his life. This fruitful and enjoyable time led to a busy and productive career, and Mr. Minzberg, who describes McGill as a “tremendous place,” is pleased to be able to serve on the Board of Governors, where he appreciates getting a broad view of what is going on in all of the different faculties of the university.

A partner with Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP, as well as a former member of the firm’s Management Committee, Mr. Minzberg has also lectured on taxation in McGill’s Faculty of Law, where he valued his exchange with the students – noting they may have been even more impressive academically than when he was in school. An active member of the Law Undergraduate Society (now known as the Law Students Association/Association des étudiant-e-s en droit) during his degrees, Mr. Minzberg encourages McGill students to take advantage of every minute of their university careers.

Mr. Minzberg is Chairman of the Board of Directors of HSBC Bank Canada, a Director of HSBC North America Holdings Inc., HSBC USA Inc. and HSBC Bank USA, N.A., as well as a Director of Reitmans (Canada) Limited. He is also a Director and past President of the Sir Mortimer B. Davis – Jewish General Hospital Centre Board, and a past Chairman of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation.

Apart from his busy professional life, Mr. Minzberg enjoys golfing and above all spending time with his four young grandchildren: Harley, Jonah, Devyn and Perry. He serves on the Human Resources Committee of the Board of Governors.



Representative of the Academic Staff  

Term ends December 2018



Member-at-Large, Chair  

Term ends June 2024

Ram Panda started his working career in Montreal, after obtaining his Masters in Electrical Engineering from McGill University. He was a project manager at Burroughs Business Machines in Montreal, working on one of the earliest online banking systems in Canada, this particular one being for the Royal Bank of Canada.

Ram then went to get his MBA from McGill. His subsequent jobs were in Planning and Analysis for the Canadian National Railways and Dominion Textiles. In 1978, he co-founded a software company in Montreal, called Planmatics Inc (later renamed as Invera Inc), which offered packaged business software solutions.

Invera went on to become a leading ERP software provider for the global Metal Industry, with bulk of its client base being outside Canada, primarily in the US and Europe.
Invera is the first and largest software company dedicated exclusively to the metal industry. Invera combines extensive metal industry knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, experienced software development, as well as world-class implementation and support services. Invera is setting the standard for leveraging the Internet and information technology across metal enterprises by implementing global, robust and scalable technology solutions that can be used for the entire gamut of operations within a Metal business, primarily in the Distribution and Processing sectors. These include Metal Inventory control, Order Processing, Purchasing, Quality Certification, Warehousing, Production Control, Logistics and Financial applications.

In his role as the President of the company, Ram’s primary occupation has been to guide the product architecture and functionality aspects. He continues to play an active role in this function.

His principal voluntary work is with McGill. He is passionate about McGill’s role in the community, and its potential especially in the areas of sustainable development. He has been a Board Member of McGill’s Faculty Advisory Board for the Faculty of Engineering since 2007. He also chaired the FAB from 2011 thru 2013. Ram has been elected to the Board of Governors in January 2014, and has been on the Senate since September 2014. He is also a board member of Montreal Science Centre Foundation.




Term ends June 2022

Cynthia Price is president of the McGill Alumni Association, where she engages alumni, students, parents and friends of McGill with her warm, outgoing personality. Prior to her election as president, she served as vice-president and a member of the Board of Directors of the MAA. She was also Homecoming Chair in 2008. She further serves the University as co-chair of the International Alma Mater Fund Council and as an active member of both the Educational Initiative on Interprofessional Collaboration and the MUHC Patient Advisory Council. Cynthia held several senior management positions during her 20 years in the petroleum industry before leaving the corporate world in 2001 to focus on the not-for-profit and philanthropic sectors. She currently serves as president of the Matthew Ralph Kane Foundation and vice-chair of the Canadiana Fund. As director and chair emerita of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation she has played and continues to play a key role in positioning the organization as a leading fundraiser for research, education, awareness and support programs. A 2004 Quebec Woman of Distinction, Cynthia divides her volunteer time between numerous other not-for-profit organizations, including Dans la rue, the Montreal General, Montreal Chest and Montreal Children’s Hospitals, Starlight Foundation, Cedar’s Cancer Institute, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s School, Montreal Chamber Orchestra, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, McCord Museum and the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec. She was appointed by the McGill Alumni Association as a Board of Governors Representative, for a five-year term effective January 1, 2012.



Member-at-large   Term ends June 2020

As a girl growing up, Martine Turcotte idolized Jacques Cousteau. “I had all his books and videos,” she recalls. “I knew the word ‘oceanographer’ before others my age could pronounce it.”

She studied science at CEGEP in pursuit of her dream job, but soon realized it involved a lot of lab time, which the gregarious Turcotte found lonely. “My parents said, ‘you’re young and you love to argue. Studying law is a good foundation for business, politics, journalism...”

And law, of course. After obtaining her BCL/LLB from McGill in 1982-1983, during which she wrote for both the McGill Law Journal and Quid Novi, the Faculty of Law’s newsletter, she went to work in mergers and acquisitions at the law firm McCarthy Tétrault.

Her parents’ assessment was not only accurate — “I do like arguing. I like to get in the thick of things and make decisions,” admits Ms. Turcotte — but their advice about law’s applicability proved true. Ms. Turcotte completed her MBA at the London Business School in 1988 and says she learned much from the cosmopolitan atmosphere. “I thought I had an open mind, but I realized you have to be very attuned to the culture of the people you’re talking to. That’s a key element of decision making that helps in my job today.”

Ms. Turcotte has worked for Bell Canada and its parent company, BCE Inc., since 1988, where she is now the Vice-Chair for Quebec. On behalf of BCE, she has served as a member of the boards of directors of Tata Communications Limited (India), Tata Teleservices Limited (India), and Comunicaciones Celulares S.A. (Colombia). She is also chair of the Board of Théâtre Espace GO and serves on the Board of Bimcor Inc., the Montreal Jewish General Hospital, Bell Aliant and Empire/Sobeys. Ms. Turcotte sits on the Human Resources and Executive Committees and has previously served as a member of the Audit Committee of McGill’s Board of Governors.

As is clear from the above list, she enjoys “working with people from different backgrounds and disciplines, because I love learning — that underlies everything.” On McGill’s Board, she says, “having to think of the different stakeholders makes it fun. I’m not there to impose a business attitude, but it doesn’t stop me from challenging the status quo and finding better ways to serve that environment.”

Although Ms. Turcotte recognizes the context for students today is different than in her time, she feels “the challenges always remain the same. It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter what your title is. The one constant is to be passionate about what you do, and remember that it’s good to fail, because you’ll learn from it.”

In her scarce free time, Ms. Turcotte enjoys alpine skiing in Sutton or the Rockies, with her two nephews whenever possible.



Representative of Senate   Term ends Dec. 2018

After obtaining a B.Sc. from St. Francis Xavier University in her native Nova Scotia, Edith Zorychta moved to Montreal to work at Merck-Frosst as a research scientist in autonomic and cardiovascular pharmacology.

After a year in the private sector she decided to attend McGill for her graduate degrees in pharmacology and therapeutics, then a postdoctorate in physiology. Although she fielded numerous job offers from across the continent, she preferred to remain at her alma mater.

“Living in the center of Montreal — it’s such a cosmopolitan place,” she says of her decision to stay in the city she has called home since 1966.

Dr. Zorychta is an associate professor in both the Department of Pathology, where she has been Director of Graduate Studies since 1987, and the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. She has also been an associate member of McGill’s Schools of Nursing, Environment, and Physical and Occupational Therapy. 

During her 36-year career at McGill, Dr. Zorychta says she has “gradually become more and more involved and interested in issues of governance and collegiality within universities.” She has served on numerous committees, including the executive of the McGill Association of University Teachers (MAUT), the National Canadian Association of University Teachers, and McGill’s Faculty Club.

An active teacher and curriculum designer, Dr. Zorychta has featured on lists of teaching awards and honours in both the Faculties of Medicine and Science. In the 2005 and 2006 editions of the annual Maclean’s Guide to Canadian Universities, the magazine’s independent survey found that Dr. Zorychta ranked as one of McGill’s most popular professors.

Through the MAUT Dr. Zorychta leads special sessions for graduate students from across the university. “To teach grad students is really to teach them how to teach — how to design presentations, then stand up and handle themselves in public,” she says. “When they walk out with a PhD, they need to know how to present, whether they become professors or not.”

In addition to her extensive teaching and administrative work, Dr. Zorychta has found the time to publish more than 35 scholarly articles.

In her spare time, she indulges her interest in heritage architecture. As president of the McGill Faculty Club she oversaw the building’s restoration, and did the same for her heritage home in Westmount.