Attendance and Security at Board Meetings

1.      Members of the University community (i.e., students, staff, governors emeriti and alumni) and of the public (“visitors”) are welcome to attend the open sessions of meetings of the Board of Governors. Accredited members of the news media (“media”) are also welcome. 

2.     The number of visitors and members of the media will be limited to the legal capacity of the room in which a Board meeting is held. Admission of visitors and members of the media will be on first-come, first-accommodated basis. 

3.      No tape, video or other means of recording sound or images are permitted whether prior to, during or after a Board meeting. 

4.1    Visitors and members of the media may not participate in debate at a Board meeting and they are expected to observe normal rules of parliamentary decorum. 

4.2    “Resource persons” to the Board, as so identified in the Terms of Reference, Standing Committees of the Board of Governors of McGill University, may participate in debate at a meeting of the Board but only at the invitation of the Chair of the Board. 

5.1    All visitors, members of the media and Resource Persons are required to leave a meeting before the beginning of the confidential session. 

5.2    Rule 5.1 does not apply to the following “resources persons”: the Provost, the Deputy Provost, the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) and the Secretary-General, but they may be asked to withdraw by the Chair of the Board. 

5.3    Other non-Board members who are “Resource Persons” may be invited by the Chair of the Board to remain during the confidential session of a meeting when their presence is required to allow for the effective conduct of the Board’s business.