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This page contains information for students pursuing Master's or Doctoral degrees or Postdoctoral research.

Graduate-studies policies and forms

Students in the Master's and Doctoral program should have successfully taken a university-level course in general physiology, anatomy or cell biology. If they have not taken such a course, they will have to do so in the first year of their graduate program; since the course will be at the undergraduate level, it will not count toward the course requirements of their graduate program.

Master’s degree

Requirements for completing M.Eng. degree    
M.Eng. initial meeting Policy Form
M.Eng. progress meeting Policy Form
M.Eng. thesis submission Policy Form
M.Eng. extra-ordinary meeting Policy Form
Fast-track transfer to the Doctoral program Policy Form

Doctoral degree

Requirements for completing Ph.D. degree    
General conditions for all meetings    
Duties of Chair’s Representative    
Ph.D. preliminary meeting Policy Form
Ph.D. comprehensive-exam preparation meeting Policy Form
Ph.D. thesis-proposal and comprehensive-exam meeting Policy Form
Ph.D. thesis progress meeting Policy Form
Ph.D. thesis pre-submission meeting Policy Form
Ph.D. extra-ordinary meeting Policy Form
Ph.D. thesis submission Policy Form
Ph.D. oral defense    
Ph.D. final thesis submission    

Postdoctoral Research

General information                                                                        Policy