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G. Bruce Pike

(On Leave 2013-2014)

Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Professor, Neurology and Neurosurgery
Professor, Medical Physics Unit
Professor, Radiology
Associate Member, Physics
Associate Member, Electrical Engineering
Director, McConnell Brain Imaging Centre


Montreal Neurological Institute
3801 University Street, Room WB316
Montréal, QC  H3A 2B4
Tel: +1-514-398-1929
Fax: +1-514-398-2975
E-mail: bruce.pike@mcgill.ca
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Dr. Pike investigates magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods and applications for basic and clinical neuroscience research. As his primary focus, he measures the physiological modulations that are involved in neuronal activation using methods termed functional MRI. fMRI can detect changes in blood oxygenation and tissue perfusion with a high temporal and spatial resolution. It also provides a powerful tool for studying brain physiology and pathophysiology. Recently, Dr. Pike used his novel functional MRI methods to determine, for the first time, the quantitative relationship between regional cerebral blood flow and oxygen consumption in the cortex over a broad range of activation and inhibition conditions in both healthy subjects and epilepsy patients. Dr. Pike has also developed a quantitative MRI technique, termed magnetization transfer (MT) imaging, that probes the magnetic interaction between macromolecules and water. Using MT imaging, his group has revealed focal pathology in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients that precedes the development of conventional MRI detected MS lesions by up to 2 years. Other areas of active research in Dr. Pike's lab include diffusion imaging, white matter fibre tractography, relaxometry, neuropsychiatric lupus imaging, fMRI of lexical ambiguity, and molecular MRI.