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Bloomberg Manulife Prize Application Information

The Prize

The Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health recognizes important original research in the areas of exercise, physical activity or nutrition, or psychosocial behaviour related to the field of healthy living. The aim of the Prize is to identify and promote exciting and creative research that has the potential to significantly influence the way we approach our health and lifestyle choices, and that offers practical ways for individuals to improve upon their diets or exercise habits.

Though candidates will be judged on their entire body of work, particular attention will be paid to research that has taken place in the last five years and which has not received widespread public exposure.

The Prize, awarded by McGill University’s Faculty of Education, is valued at $50,000 CAD; the funding is intended to advance further research.

The recipient will be invited to participate in a series of moderated discussions in Toronto and at McGill University in Montreal. The recipient and their research will be further promoted through the Bloomberg Manulife website, eDigest and social media channels that exist to support the prize.


Candidates for the Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health must hold an academic appointment at a North American university, and be actively conducting research in a campus or hospital setting.

Candidates must submit a complete application package prior to the established deadline of May 15, 2015. In addition to a curriculum vitae, this package will include a brief statement outlining the applicant’s past and ongoing research and explaining how this research currently or potentially enhances personal health and well-being, the promotion of active health and/or the prevention of illness.

Past winners of the Bloomberg Manulife Prize are not eligible to re-apply.


The successful candidate is expected to have demonstrated:
• An outstanding and innovative research record evidenced by peer-reviewed scientific publications, patents or products and academic presentations
• The translation of research findings and outcomes into initiatives or actions which have had, or have the potential to have, a positive impact on individuals, a set of individuals or a population, with respect to prevention of illness or promotion of healthy living

How to Apply

To apply for the Bloomberg Manulife Prize, please submit your application package using the form on this website. Apply now >>

The deadline for receipt of applications is May 15, 2015.

Applications will be considered and retained for a two-year period upon request by the applicant.  The applicant can be self-nominated or nominated by someone else. Each application should include (pdf, doc or docx):

1. A curriculum vitae that includes a publication list of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters from the last five years only.
2. A detailed impact statement (maximum 750 words) outlining the candidate’s research conducted within the past five years, indicating how it could enhance personal health and well-being, and the impact it could have on the prevention of illness, or the promotion of active health.
3. Two supporting references, with appropriate contact information.

For complete details on the application process, download the file here:

Pour plus de détails et pour savoir comment soumettre votre candidature, téléchargez le PDF ici :


For more information, please email bloomberg-manulife [at] mcgill [dot] ca