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The Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is ranked as one of the world’s top international business schools by Forbes BusinessWeek, Canadian Business, & The Economist.

McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management

Research excellence at Desautels

The Faculty’s innovative programs and historic reputation for excellence continue to attract the finest students and the most prominent professors from around the globe, as well as the most demanding recruiters from the world’s top employers.

Desautels houses numerous research centres and academic programs at the undergraduate, masters, executive, and PhD levels. The curriculum is built on an integrated, interdisciplinary model that combines research, practice, and teaching. This valuable, holistic approach prepares students to successfully manage and lead in today’s increasingly interconnected world.

The McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics (MCCHE)

The MCCHE is a world leader in promoting the development of a novel, integrative approach to science, policy and innovation for solutions to complex nutrition and health challenges. These challenges include the persistent problem of hunger and under-nutrition, and the growing worldwide epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. The MCCHE has, since 2001, been forging an unprecedented worldwide alliance of scientists, food-industry executives, healthcare leaders and policy makers. The MCCHE fundamentally seeks to transform individual and community diets, lifestyle, market and health systems though better health and economic convergence. Learn more

Diverse student body

Coming from over 75 countries around the world, the Desautels student body is composed of diverse and accomplished individuals including Olympic athletes, artists, health care professionals, and those with strong backgrounds in business. This creates a unique, multicultural environment which provides students a great opportunity to learn and develop in many ways beyond academics.

Additionally, with the Faculty being in the heart of downtown Montreal, one of the most vibrant, multicultural and livable cities in North America, studying at Desautels means enjoying an exceptional cultural experience like no other.

Strong international network

With over 30,000 alumni around the world, the Desautels Faculty has a very strong international network. Alumni contribute regularly to applied learning through our Alumni Desautels Global Experts program and help our students integrate in the business community, provide internships and hiring opportunities through our BCom and MBA mentorship programs.

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Desautels Faculty of Management

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