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Keep Calm and Thrive On - an Interview with Dr. Tom A. Hutchinson

One of the key tenets of active health is prevention. Dr. Tom A. Hutchinson, Professor in the Department of Medicine and Director of McGill Programs in Whole Person Care, says healing is relevant at all times, not only when illness is present. Listen to this interview in which he discusses everyday mindfulness/stress management and how it can radically impact wellbeing.

Bloomberg Manulife Prize TV Spot

Dr. Blair demonstrates how easy it is to get active every day

The Bloomberg Manulife Prizegiving ceremony, in Toronto, January 2012 

Lawrence Bloomberg on his partnership with McGill

Lawrence Bloomberg on why he chose to support the field of active health

Anthony Wilson Smith, Sr. Vice President, Public Affairs explains the link between Manulife Financial and healthy lifestyle initiatives


McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics (MCCHE)

Desautels Faculty of Management

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