Dr. Thomas Robinson

2016 Prize Winner

Introducing Dr. Thomas Robinson, the 2016 winner of the Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health

$50,000 award recognizes a research pioneer who uses creative interventions to combat obesity.

Lawrence S. Bloomberg

Lawrence Bloomberg

Lawrence S. Bloomberg talks about why he chose to support the field of active health.

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Focused on solutions

Dr. Thomas Robinson outlines his solution-oriented approach to combat childhood obesity through the development of highly motivational interventions.

Don’t hibernate...

Activate! If you, like so many other Canadians, suffer from the blues during the short, dark & cold days of winter, the best way to get through the coming months is to get out and get active.

Mindful eating

It may be hard to avoid second helpings over the holidays, but taking a more mindful approach to eating can help stave off post-indulgence guilt & snug waistbands.


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