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Recent News Coverage of Unit Members

March 22, 2016 After Infecting Pregnant Monkey With Zika, Scientists Wait for Backlash. KQED Science

October 14, 2015. How 74 years of flawed experiments ‘hampered’ cancer fight. The Scotsman

October 13, 2015. Poorly designed animal experiments in the spotlight. Nature

Interview with Jonathan Kimmelman:  Patient-funded clinical trials may do more harm than good.... The Current (CBC), August 14, 2015.

In June 2013, the National Assembly of Quebec tabled Bill-52: An Act respecting end-of-life care. This prompted a number of media interviews with Dr Eugene Bereza, including an interview with CTV news

Multiple sclerosis patients navigate the minefield of for-profit care
Globe and Mail - May 09, 2011. Kimmelman comments on the ethics of offering controversial multiple sclerosis surgery in oversees clinics.

Zamboni says no conflict in applying for MS patents
National Post - April 02, 2011. Kimmelman comments on conflict of interest in testing new surgical procedures.

Dr. Brinkley's Stem Cell Lotion and Magic Elixir
Globe and Mail - January 8, 2011. Kimmelman comments on stem cell tourism.