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Recent News Coverage of Unit Members

In June 2013, the National Assembly of Quebec tabled Bill-52: An Act respecting end-of-life care. This prompted a number of media interviews with Dr Eugene Bereza, including this interview with CTV news:


Carolyn Ells has been appointed to the Panel on Research Ethics (PRE) for a 3 year term beginning April 15, 2013. Created as joint initiative of CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC, PRE is mandated to develop and interpret the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, 2nd ed.  

Carolyn Ells was an invited speaker at the First Meeting of the Bioethics Network on Women's Issues in the Arab Region, a regional conference on Current Challenges in Women's Health Care and Medical Research, Cairo Egypt Dec 2011. (Photo  shows her co-chairing a session.)


Carolyn Ells is Co-Coordinator of the International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (FAB). FAB celebrates its 20th anniversary at its biennial conference in Rotterdam, June 24-26, 2012.

Multiple sclerosis patients navigate the minefield of for-profit care
Globe and Mail - May 09, 2011. Kimmelman comments on the ethics of offering controversial multiple sclerosis surgery in oversees clinics.

Zamboni says no conflict in applying for MS patents
National Post - April 02, 2011. Kimmelman comments on conflict of interest in testing new surgical procedures.

Dr. Brinkley's Stem Cell Lotion and Magic Elixir
Globe and Mail - January 8, 2011. Kimmelman comments on stem cell tourism.

Your Interview: Experimental MS treatments and the ethical issues
Your Voice, CBC News - November 24, 2010. Kimmelman comments on the use of venous angioplasty for multiple sclerosis.

Researcher slams clinical trials process
Tom Blackwell, National Post - Dec. 20, 2010. Kimmelman comments on regulations governing human experimentation.

News Story, CTV NET, Marcia Ian, anchor. Feb 6, 2009. Carolyn Ells discusses ethical issues surrounding a 60 year old woman who gave birth to twins in Calgary, after obtaining IVF in India.

Change in FDA's ethical guidelines for clinical trials troubling: Lancet
CBC. January 5, 2009. Kimmelman raises questions about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision to abandon the Declaration of Helsinki.

Clinical Trial Ethics in the Developing World
GENcast Network. Genetic Engineering News. August 7, 2008. Kimmelman discusses the ethics of pursuing gene transfer clinical trials in low and middle-income countries.

Info at the heart of it all: Suit may push doctors to reveal patents on devices
Stuart Laidlaw, Toronto Star. October 21, 2008. Kimmelman discusses how clinicians who hold patents on medical devices should obtain informed consent from their patients.

Ethics of a Silver Bullet for Cancer
thestar.com September 25, 2007. Kimmelman discusses ....

“Reviving Viruses.” October 17, 2006. The Current (Host: Anna Marie Tremonti). CBC Radio. Kimmelman discusses ethical issues surrounding the use of laboratory techniques to resurrect the Spanish flu virus.