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Spencer Phillips Hey

Email: spencer [dot] hey [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Academic background

Dr. Hey is a postdoctoral fellow in the Biomedical Ethics Unit at McGill University. He received his PhD in philosophy in 2011 from the University of Western Ontario, his masters in philosophy from Western in 2006, and his BA (Hons) in philosophy from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2004. His work on the ethics and methodology of clinical trials has appeared in a variety of venues, such as Science Translational Medicine, Neurology, Philosophy of Science, and the Journal of Medical Ethics (see links to the lists of articles below). He is currently collaborating with PACEOMICS on the ethical and epistemological dynamics of developing personalized medicines and the STREAM Research Group, managing their CIHR-funded study of researcher forecasting in clinical research.

Upcoming Talks

"Clinical Equipoise: De Facto or De Jure" at The Ethox Centre, University of Oxford on Monday, March 16.

"Ethical Implications of Theory-driven Versus Empirically-driven Research Programs" at Université de Montréal on Wednesday, March 25.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

For a list of Dr. Hey's publications in philosophical venues, please visit PhilPapers. For publications in medical and scientific venues, please visit PubMed.


Hey S P (2011). Meta-Heuristic Strategies in Scientific Judgment. PhD Thesis, The University of Western Ontario.

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