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Undergraduate Studies

The B.Eng. Bioengineering has been approved by the University, and has been submitted to the government of Quebec for review. When the program is approved by the government, it may be available for internal transfer in September 2016 and for direct admission in September 2017.

Bioengineering courses (subject code BIEN) currently being offered are open to students in the specified Engineering programs (see course descriptions for exact details) and to students from other faculties, who may use the courses to satisfy their program requirements (if approved by the student’s department advisor). Please visit our Courses page for more information.

NOTE: The projected admission terms below are not guaranteed; please check this website for updates.

External applicants (non-McGill students)

If the Quebec government approves the program, external applicants may be able to apply for admission in September 2017. The program will accept both first-year (Year 0 and CEGEP) and university transfers.
Please check back for updates on application deadlines and how to apply.

Students in the General Engineering Program (G.E.P.)

If the Quebec government approves the program, McGill Engineering students in the G.E.P. program in 2015-2016 may be able to apply for entry into the Bioengineering program for the Fall 2016 term. For information about the GEP, including eligibility requirements and how to apply for a major program, see the General Engineering Program website.

Intra-Faculty and Inter-Faculty Transfer students

If the Quebec government approves the program, current McGill students (Engineering students or students in other faculties) may be able to apply for an intra-faculty transfer (Engineering students) or inter-faculty transfer (non-Engineering students) for admission in September 2016.