Research Seminars

Seminar Series 2016-2017


In collaboration with McGill University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), the Department of Bioengineering hosts a number of seminar presentations annually at which Canadian and international experts are given the opportunity to present their cutting-edge research in fields such as: mechanbiology, advanced microscopy, mathematical biology, and next-generation diagnostics, to a broad and diverse audience.






August 24 Anderson Shum University of Hong Kong

PDF icon Biomimetic Droplets for Bio-Materials

MD 267

September 2 Christopher Pack McGill University

PDF icon Neural mechanisms of visual perception and visual behaviour

DUFF 333
September 16 Frank Sainsbury University of Queensland PDF icon Assembly and Engineering of Protein-Based Nanoparticles DUFF 333
September 23 Satya Prakash McGill University

Methods and Guidelines

DUFF 333
September 30 Francisco Valero-Cuevas

University of Southern California

Neuromorphic Systems to Reverse Engineer Reflex Function

MD 267

October 7 Sa Xiao McGill University

PDF icon The Gastrointestinal Tract in a Box: Miniaturized Artificial Gut System to Study the Human Gut Microbiome

MD 267

October 14 Guy Cloutier University of Montreal Development of Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging Technologies to Improve Diagnosis of Cellular and Whole Organ Systems DUFF 333
October 21 Pierre Nguyen Nortion Rose Fulbright

PDF icon The Essentiality of Intellectual Property and Patents in the Life Science Industry

DUFF 333
October 28 Imen Kahouli McGill University PDF icon The Gut Microbiota and CRC

MD 267

November 4 Shirin Abbasi Nejad Enger McGill University PDF icon Dosimetry of Brachytherapy Radiation Sources DUFF 333
Novermber 11 Corinne Hoesli McGill University PDF icon Stem Cell Bioprocell Development for Diabetes Cell-Based Therapy

MD 267

November 18 Bratislav Misic McGill University

PDF icon Communications in Large-Scale Brain Networks

DUFF 333
November 25

Dr. Hasan Uludag

University of Alberta

PDF icon Polymeric Biomaterials to Realize the Dream of Gene Therapies

DUFF 333

December 2 Tim Salcudean

University of British Columbia

PDF icon Prostate Imaging and Guidance Systems

MD 267

December 9 Renald Gilbert National Research Council Canada

PDF icon Production of Viral Vectors at the National Research Council of Canada

MD 267

January 6 No Seminar    

MD 267

January 13 Francois Barthelat McGill University

PDF icon Expanding Material Property Space Using Bioinspiration and Architecture

DUFF 333
January 20 Wei-Shou Hu

University of Minnesota

PDF icon From Systems Biotechnology to Synthetic Biotechnology in Biomanufacturing

MD 267

January 27 TBD     DUFF 333
February 3 Jie Liang University of Illinois at Chicago PDF icon Multiscale Computation of Stochastic Network, Chromatin Folder, and Tissue Formation for Understanding Cellular Epigentic States and Wound Healing

MD 267

February 10

Frédéric Normandeau, Mcolisi Dlamini

McGill University   DUFF 333
February 17 Mohammad-Ali Jenabian

L'Université du Québec à Montréal

PDF icon Metabolic regulation of immunity: implication in HIV disease progression and viral persistence

MD 267

February 24 Rob Adamson Dalhousie University PDF icon Imaging The Ear with Opitcal Coherence Tomography and High Frequency Ultrasound DUFF 333
March 10

Selya Amrani



Sethu Boopathy Jegathambal

McGill University



McGill University

PDF icon Microfluidic Platform for the Synthesis of Nano‐sized Lipid Particles Using Hydrodynamic Flow Focusing

PDF icon Microfluidic Platform for the Synthesis of Nano‐sized Lipid Particles Using Hydrodynamic Flow Focusing

MD 267

March 17

Sahar Choukir



Raihaan Patel

McGill University



McGill University

PDF icon Finite‐Element Modelling of Tympanic‐Membrane Vibrations Under Quasi‐Static Pressurization


PDF icon In Vivo, MRI Based Microstructural Parcellation of the Human Hippocampus

DUFF 333
March 24 Jay Hennessy McGill University  

MD 267

March 31 Ryan Kligman, Saadi Shoaib McGill University   MD 267
April 7 Xuan Wang McGill University   DUFF 333