Bioengineering at McGill

What is Bioengineering?

Bioengineering is a broad, emerging and dynamic Engineering discipline. It's not biology, and it's not always medical, but it seeks to use the tools and processes developed by biology to as an engineering platform.

At the application end, Bioengineering involves the implementation of knowledge from various engineering disciplines in life sciences and medicine, such as: biomaterials; tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; drug delivery systems and high throughput screening devices for drug discovery; imaging, monitoring and diagnostic devices, and biomedical microdevices and biosensors. At the conceptual end, Bioengineering learns various lessons from nature and attempts to reverse-engineer naturally occurring biological solutions, devices and procedures, such as complexity in environmental systems; biomimetic materials and structures; energy efficient biomimetic propulsion systems; neuromorphic intelligent machines; molecular motors; biological communication and computation; and biologically-inspired robots.

Bioengineering FAQ