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Viacheslav Adamchuk

Dr. Viacheslav I. Adamchuk - Associate Professor


Department of Bioresource Engineering
Office: MS1-094
Macdonald-Stewart Building, Macdonald Campus
21,111 Lakeshore Road, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, H9X 3V9, Canada

Phone: 514-398-7657
E-mail: viacheslav [dot] adamchuk [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Viacheslav Adamchuk)
Skype: vadamchuk
URL: http://adamchukpa.mcgill.ca


Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, Dr. Adamchuk obtained a mechanical engineering degree from the National Agricultural University of Ukraine in his hometown. Later, he received both MS and PhD degrees in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA). Shortly after graduating , Dr. Adamchuk began his academic career as a faculty member in the Biological Systems Engineering Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA). There, he taught university students, conducted research and delivered outreach programs relevant to precision agriculture, spatial data management, and education robotics. Also he was involved in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) tractor testing program and developed a methodology to validate the accuracy of tractor auto-guidance systems. After almost ten years  in Nebraska, Dr. Adamchuk  was appointed to the  Bioresource Engineering Department at McGill University (Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada), while retaining his adjunct status at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Dr. Adamchuk’s research has focused on the development and deployment of on-the-go soil sensing technology to enhance the economic and environmental benefits of precision agriculture. Since he began his research in the mid 90s, Dr. Adamchuk developed and evaluated a fleet of on-the-go soil sensor prototypes capable of mapping physical and chemical soil attributes while moving across an agricultural field. These sensors produce geo-referenced data to quantify spatial soil heterogeneity, which may be used to prescribe differentiated soil treatments according to local needs. Along with his work on sensors, Dr. Adamchuk has conducted numeric analysis of the agro-economic value of sensor-based information to aid in the successful deployment of emerging on-the-go sensing technology. Through recent studies on soil and crop sensor fusion and data clustering, he was able to further investigate the challenges faced by early adopters. Through his outreach activities, Dr. Adamchuk has taught a number of programs dedicated to a systems approach in adopting smart farming technologies around the world.


For information on his ongoing research, to view power point presentations or for more information on his previous work, please refer to the following link: http://adamchukpa.mcgill.ca

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Viacheslav Adamchuk CV


  • FMTP 027 Precision Farming
  • BREE 412 Machinery Systems Engineering
  • BREE 430 GIS for Natural Resource Mgmt
  • ENVB 430 GIS for Natural Resource Mgmt
  • BREE 504 Instrumentation and Control
  • BREE 485 Senior Undergrad. Seminar 1
  • BREE 486 Senior Undergrad. Seminar 2
  • BREE 651 Departmental Seminar M.Sc. 1
  • BREE 652 Departmental Seminar M.Sc. 2
  • BREE 751 Departmental Seminar Ph.D. 1
  • BREE 752 Departmental Seminar Ph.D. 2
  • BREE 753 Departmental Seminar Ph.D. 3
  • BREE 754 Departmental Seminar Ph.D. 4