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Serge Guiot

Dr. Serge R. Guiot


Department of Bioresource Engineering
Macdonald Campus, McGill University
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec H9X 3V9
serge [dot] guiot [at] cnrc-nrc [dot] gc [dot] ca (Dr. Serge R. Guiot)


Dr. Serge R. Guiot, a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from F.U.L., Arlon, Belgium (1980), is a senior scientist at Montreal’s National Research Council-Biotechnology Research Institute, who leads the Environmental Bioengineering Group since 1997, a multidisciplinary research team, dedicated to process bio-engineering for environmental pollution control and bioenergy production, and allying cognitive and applied, as well as lab-scale and field-scale, research aspects.

His research interests cover microbial ecology of anaerobic biogranules, thermophilic anaerobic digestion of biosolids, municipal organic wastes and crops residues, biohydrogen production using anaerobic digestion and modified anaerobic microbial fuel cells, and anaerobic/aerobic coupling bioprocesses for remediation of chloroorganics. He is the author or co-author of near 300 publications, out of which 120 are in refereed journals. He also authored or co-authored 6 patents two of which resulted in technology transfer and licenses (he was awarded first place for the Licensing Option NRC Business Case Challenge in 2006). He also won the 1994 IWA Pergamon Gold Medal and the 2006 NRC Outstanding Research Achievement Award, for his research breakthroughs on anaerobic biogranulation.