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Edward McKyes

Dr. Edward McKyes


Department of Bioresource Engineering
Macdonald Campus, McGill University
Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec H9X 3V9

Tel.: 514-398-7782
Edward [dot] mckyes [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Dr. McKyes)

Research Interests

Following a background in soil mechanics and soil physics and chemistry, Dr. McKyes has been working on problems of interactions among soils, machines and cutting implements, soil compaction, new tillage systems and crop production.

Current Projects

  • Water resources research and training in the Aral Sea region of Central Asia (with Dean Madramootoo)
  • Jamaica Water Resources Development Master Plan.
  • Agricultural machinery efficiency in soil tillage.
  • Predicting the loosening of soil by tillage tools.
  • Resistance of highway guard rail posts.


  • BREE 210 Mechanical Analysis & Design
  • BREE 312 Electric Circuits and Machines
  • BREE 315 Design of Machines
  • BREE 418 Soil Mechanics & Foundations
  • BREE 512 Soil Cutting and Tillage

Other Activities

Honours and Awards

  • 1994 Macdonald Campus Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineering 1994 Glen Downing Medal for contributions to agricultural power and machinery.

Recent Publications


    • McKyes, E. Soil Cutting and Tillage. Elsevier, Amsterdam. 1985.

BREE 512 Textbook (1 of 2)

BREE 418 Textbook

Papers in refereed journals

  • Ibarra, S., McKyes, E. and Broughton, R.S. A method of evaluation the seed bed quality produced by tillage implements. Soil & Tillage Research (in press) 2006.
  • Ibarra, S., McKyes, E. and Broughton, R.S. Measurement of tensile strength of unsaturated sandy loam soil. Soil & Tillage Research, Vol. 81, No. 1, pp. 15-23, 2005.
  • Ibarra, S., McKyes, E. and Broughton, R.S. A model of stress distribution and cracking in cohesive soils produced by simple tillage implements. Journal of Terramechanics, Vol. 42 (2), pp. 115-139, 2005.

Download a list of example papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings. If you would prefer to see Professor McKyes's full CV, please contact him via his email address.