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Faculty and Staff

Associate Professor and Chair

  • Valerie Orsat: Impact of food processing on product quality and functionality, extraction methods and by-product recovery, engineered systems for functional ingredient production.


  • Chandra Madramootoo: Water resources management, irrigation, hydrology, soil conservation, drainage, water quality.
  • Vijaya Raghavan: Heat and mass transfer, hybrid drying methods for quality food, shelf life extension of fruits and vegetables, food processing, electrotechnology for biotech applications.
  • Shiv O. Prasher: Remote sensing applications in agriculture, best management practices for pollution control, remediation systems for agricultural and industrial contamination sites, machine learning methods in agriculture, machine vision.
  • Michael Ngadi: Food and bioprocess engineering, heat and mass transfer, mathematical modelling, non-thermal processing of foods, microstructure, hyperspectral imaging, food quality and food safety.

Emeritus Professors

  • Robert S. Broughton: Drainage, hydrology, irrigation.
  • Robert Kok: Biosystem and ecosystem design and control, artificial life, artificial intelligence, mass production of insects, modelling and simulation.

Associate Professors

  • Viacheslav Adamchuk: Precision agriculture, soil and crop sensing, spatial data management, GNSS, GIS, and data acquisition systems.
  • Grant Clark: Ecological engineering, Scientific computing, Modeling and simulation, Microbiological systems, Agricultural systems, Complex adaptive systems 
  • Mark Lefsrud: Biofuels, biomass production, controlled environments, secondary compounds and proteomics.
  • Jan Adamowski: Hydrology and Water Resources Management.

Assistant Professors

  • Marie-Josée Dumont: Bioprocessing, bio-based polymers, biofuel production, and related fields. 
  • Zhiming Qi: Water quality, hydrological, environmental and crop modeling, irrigation and drainage engineering, climate change impacts on bioresources

Faculty Lecturers

Adjunct Professors

Administrative/Technical Staff

Research/Professional Associates