Rhoda Blostein

Professor Emeritus Department of Biochemistry Molecular and cellular aspects of the Na,K-ATPase rhoda.blostein [at] 1960 - PhD, McGill University

Alain Nepveu

Professor Department of Biochemistry Biological roles and molecular functions of the mammalian CUX1 homeodomain protein

Philippe Gros

Professor Department of Biochemistry Cancer resistance to chemotherapy; genetic models of innate resistance or susceptibility to disease


BIOC 503 3 credits Immunochemistry.

Research Seminar 1

Research Seminar 1 (BIOC 701, Junior Seminar) Grade: Pass/Fail Guidelines A Research Seminar must be presented by all M.Sc. students in the Department who plan to proceed to the Ph.D. degree, as...

List of master's-level courses

Students must complete 45 credits. Of the 45 Master's credits, 39 credits are thesis courses and the Research Seminar course. The other 6 credits are from 500-600 level complementary courses....

Key dates

Please see Submission/Convocation Deadlines

Key dates

Please see Submission/Convocation Deadlines