Administrative and Teaching Support Staff in Biochemistry
Located at: McIntyre Medical Sciences Bldg., 3655 promenade Sir William Osler, Montreal, QC  H3G 1Y6


Title Room


Marlene Gilhooly

Chair's Administration Assistant and WebMaster


marlene.gilhooly [at]

Christine Laberge

Students Affairs Officer/ Advisor


christine.laberge [at]

Carmen Aimee Paez Mendoza

Students Affairs Coordinator


undergrad.biochem [at]

Vicky Kottis

Pamela Cameron

Laboratory Course Coordinator
Technical Assistant


vicky.kottis [at]
pamela.cameron [at]

Administrative Excellence Centre
Located at: McIntyre Medical Sciences Bldg., Room 1023; Bellini Life Sciences Building, Room 433 and 434; Hugessen House, Room 109, 3666 McTavish



Service Areas



Francis Girard


Associate Director

Provides support and advice to the Chair, Faculty and Department.  Responsible for overall operations.

Academic Affairs Lead:

  • Recruitment,
  • Promotions, Reappointment,     Reappointments
  • Leave, Termination, Retirement

McIntyre 1023

francis.girard [at]

Valérie Lapointe-Boyer


Human Resources Advisor

HR Team Lead

  • Immigration
  • Recruitment (MUNACA, AMUSE,  AMURE, M’s)
  • Labour Relations and Collective Agreements
  • Compensation
  • Academic Affairs 

Hugessen House 109

514-398-6806 [at]

Natasha Rizzo

Human Resources Administrator

HR Administration

  • Minerva Processing
  • Recruitment
  • Leaves, Retirements, Terminations
  • Compensation
  • Labour Relations and Collective Agreements

Hugessen House 109

514-398-6409 [at]

Kayla Gibbons

Academic Affairs Administrator

Academic Affairs and Immigration Administrative Support

Tenure Track, CAS, Research Associates, Academic Associates, Associate/Affiliate Members, Adjuncts, Visiting Scholars/Professors

  • Recruitment, Promotions, Reappointments
  • Stipends, Annual Evaluation
  • Leaves, Terminations, Retirement

Hugessen House 109

514-398-5756 [at]

Maria Isabel Ramirez

Financial Officer

Finance Team Lead

  • Budgeting for research and non-research funds
  • Correction of over expenditures
  • Depletion of fund balances before fund ends
  • Eligibility of expenses and compliance
  • Fund Opening requests       
  • Inter-Institutional transfers
  • Fund delegation authority

Bellini 433

maria.ramirez2 [at]

Sonia Millet-Robinson

Financial Administrator

  • Advances & Expense reports
  • Correction of over expenditures
  • Depletion of fund balances before fund ends
  • Eligibility of expenses & compliance
  • Fund opening requests
  • Billing and Inter departmental charges IDC
  • Monitoring transactions

Bellini 434

514-398-6151 [at]

Miah Azizun

Senior Accounts Administrator


Hugessen House 109

514-4616/1408/6962 [at]

Jiyun Cho


Senior Accounts Administrator

  • McGill Market Place MMP
  • Advances & Expense reports
  • Payment to governmental institutions (hospitals, student societies, universities)
  • Student Stipends BSA
  • Deposits
  • Pcard and Journals
  • U-print access

Bellini 434

6951 [at]

Connie Nardolillo

Administrative Coordinator

  • Clearing Purchase orders
  • Filing and Scanning
  • Advances and Expense reports
  • POPS (Casual employee payment)

Hugessen House 109

514-398-7312 [at]

**Finance training
As needed, we provide training to local users in regards to financial affairs and policy implementation to ensure best practices are followed.  We provide training for financial transactions including expense reimbursements, Pcard, BSA and MMP.