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Lauren Van Der Kraak (Ph.D. student from Dr. Beauchemin’s lab) is a 2014 Scarlet Key Recipient. Lauren as served as an example of student leadership within the Biochemistry department and Goodman Cancer Research Center at McGill.  Her work to bring back the Biochemistry Graduate Student Society (BGSS) has recreated a collaborative environment within the program that has bolstered student life, both academically and socially.  The mission and activities sponsored by this organization have promoted department-wide cohesion and cooperation, fostering advancement for many of the department’s projects.  In addition to the BGSS, her time serving with the Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS) of McGill made her the spokesperson for the entire department within the McGill community.  Her presence there helped make improvements that impact the daily life of all students, within Biochemistry and beyond.

Lauren’s work in starting the “Shut Your Sash” campaign with the McGill Sustainability Project Fund has increased the awareness of the Fund’s projects on campus as well provided a considerable financial savings to the university.  In the first year alone of the campaign, the Bellini and Goodman Cancer Centre saved $63,000 from reduced energy costs.  This campaign has sparked similar campaigns across the university, and is expected to save close to $1.3 million over the next several years.  Lauren’s diligent work and tireless dedication to the cause are paramount to the increasing effectiveness of the Sustainability Fund’s projects and hopefully will embolden future students to take up similar initiatives to help shape McGill’s Future. Congratulations to Lauren! See Scarlet Key Society [2014 June 16]

Over $3.7M awarded to McGill researchers studying neurodevelopmental disorders

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces funding from Government of Canada, The Azrieli Foundation and Brain Canada

Internationally renowned McGill University researchers Alan Evans and Nahum Sonenberg are among the recipients of new funding for research into neurological disorders announced May 1, 2014 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper at an event in Montreal.

Dr. Evans and Dr. Sonenberg will receive over $3.7 million from the Azrieli Neurodevelopmental Research Program, funded by The Azrieli Foundation, the Brain Canada Foundation and the Government of Canada through the Canada Brain Research Fund. The Azrieli Neurodevelopmental Research Program focuses on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and fragile-x syndrome (FXS), with a goal to develop new diagnostics, treatment and prevention strategies for these disorders. Congratulations to Dr. Sonenberg!  See Med e-News [2014 May 1]

Dr. Julie St-Pierre
is the 2014 recipient of the Maude Abbott prize, established in 2010. Congratulations! Please see Med e-News [2014 Apr 16]

Congratulations to Dr. Nahum Sonenberg for having been awarded the most prestigious 2014 Wolf Prize for Medicine.  Nahum was selected for his discovery of the proteins that control the mechanism of protein synthesis and its control in infectious diseases, cancer and neurological disorders. The award will be presented at a state ceremony in the Knesset in May in the presence of Israeli President Shimon Peres. Please see Haaretz; CBC News [2014 Jan 17]