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Guidelines for Grant Applications


Twice a year, the Beatty Memorial Fund Committee considers applications for grants that will provide up to $5,000 in financial support to units wishing to organize and host a Beatty Talk. Deadlines for applications are March 31 and October 31 annually. 

Please note that following the March deadline the review committee will only consider lectures taking place during the subsequent autumn academic semester, and following the October deadline only lectures scheduled for the following winter semester.

According to the terms of the Beatty endowment, the following qualifications must be met at the time of application:  

  • The lecturer must be well known in his or her field or to the general public.
  • The event or events must be held while classes are in session, open to the public, and well advertised.
  • During the visit, there must be at least one public lecture on a subject of general interest.

Preference will be given to lecturers who are prepared to stay in Montreal for at least one or two days in order to interact with staff and students and give specialized research seminars in related academic units. Applications based on collaboration among two or more units are also strongly encouraged.

If you have questions, please contact the Beatty Memorial Fund Committee via this website’s feedback form. Contact us now >>

Application packages

Your Beatty Talk application package should include the following:

Grant applications, which are accepted year-round for either the March 31 or October 31 deadline, can be submitted electronically to the lorraine [dot] torpy [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Beatty Lectures Administrator) or a hardcopy can be sent:

Beatty Lectures Administrator
Beatty Memorial Lectures Committee
James Building, Suite 419
845 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC H3A 0G4

Helpful hint: budget

While preparing the budget form for your event, please consider the following common costs:

  • Speaker’s travel and accommodation
  • Printing posters and other advertising
  • Room rental fees
  • Audiovisual arrangements
  • Catering and other expenses related to a reception

Please clearly list all costs, revenue from other contributing sources, and the amount you are requesting from the Beatty Memorial Fund Committee. 


Once your grant application has been approved, you will receive funding information from the Beatty Committee, including a FOAPAL which should be used for expenses. The organizing unit should pay all invoices, and a statement of expenses charged to the Beatty FOAPAL will be required to finalize and close the account.

Please note: the Beatty Fund cannot absorb any budget over-expenditures. In addition, if any funds for an approved lecture are not used, they will revert to the Beatty Fund.

Acknowledgement of funding

All event-related advertisements should include the statement: “This event is made possible by a grant from the Beatty Memorial Lectures Committee.”

The text in French is: « Cette conférence est présentée grâce à l'aide financière du Comité des conférences commémoratives Beatty ».

Beatty sponsorship may be acknowledged verbally at the lecture, but the lecture should not be identified as a “Beatty Lecture,” which is a term reserved for the Beatty Memorial Lecture Series.


Promoting your event as widely as possible is not only a requirement of receiving funding, but it is also the best means of ensuring its success.

Beatty Talks will be listed on this website once the date, time, location and title are confirmed. The Research and International Relations (RIR) communications team is also happy to provide advice and guidance on how to best advertise your event on McGill’s campuses and externally. lorraine [dot] torpy [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Contact RIR communications >>)


After your Beatty Talk has come to a successful conclusion, you are required to issue a report on the event. The report should include a description of the activities (attendance at the public lecture, other events organized around the lecturer’s visit, etc.) and a financial statement showing how Beatty funds were spent as well as any balance remaining. Copies of ads, posters, press releases, and examples of media coverage, etc., should also be included.  

A standard Report Form is provided for your convenience and to streamline the reporting process. Download the Report Form >>

Please email your completed form to the lorraine [dot] torpy [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Beatty Committee Administrator) within four weeks after the event.

Thank you for your cooperation

We ask that these requirements be met in a prompt and detailed fashion in order to conform to the terms of the Beatty endowment. We greatly appreciate your help in ensuring the continued prestige and reputation of the Beatty Memorial Lecture Series.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the lorraine [dot] torpy [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Beatty Committee Administrator) or submit your questions via our feedback form