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Guidelines for Grant Applications


Twice a year, the Beatty Memorial Fund Committee considers applications for grants that will provide up to $5,000 in financial support to units wishing to organize and host a Beatty Talk. Deadlines for applications are March 31 and October 31 annually. 

Please note that following the March deadline the review committee will only consider lectures taking place during the subsequent autumn academic semester, and following the October deadline only lectures scheduled for the following winter semester.

Beatty Talks

About the Beatty Talks

Since 1989, the Beatty Memorial Endowment has also been supporting Beatty Talks, which are organized by one or more McGill academic units. Like the Beatty Memorial Lecture Series, Beatty Talks bring internationally renowned scholars and thinkers to McGill’s campuses for public presentations on their work. However, these events are smaller and more focused than the annual Memorial Lecture in the fall.