Why does it matter to undergraduates?

McGill will continue to attract and retain the most talented students from Quebec, Canada and around the world by emphasizing enrolment strategies that focus on our research intensity, academic distinction and student quality. ASAP 2012 emphasizes further enhancing the quality and level of services for students, including advising and mentoring; providing substantial support for those with lower socio-economic status or from under-represented groups; adopting universal design principles and practices in new, renovated and updated technological systems and physical environments; and harnessing advances in technology to develop transformative programs for teaching and learning.

Better academic advising.

Improved advising will provide sound advice about how to navigate your academic programs of choice.

More financial support for those who need it.

Undergraduate financial assistance programs will ensure that a McGill education is accessible to students of talent and promise regardless of financial means.

More undergraduate research opportunities.

Emphasis on an undergraduate research experience for every student will benefit not only those with an interest in grad school, but also those who are just curious about how to engage in scientific inquiry.

Advanced use of technology to improve teaching and learning in classrooms and libraries.

Innovative information and communications technologies will help develop new opportunities and environments for education in a digital and global age. Active learning classrooms and online learning will help you guide your own education and improve your learning experience.

Adoption of universal design principles and practices.

To help ensure that services are accessible to the entire McGill community, we will continue to make the necessary updates, renovations and refreshes to technology, our physical space on campus and our systems and processes.

Extension of international component of educational activities.

"Internationalization” refers to an evolving and dynamic educational and research environment that is being continually reshaped by the worldwide context in which McGill and its peers operate. In order to harness to its full advantage the opportunities in an increasingly global society, we will enhance and strengthen the international component in all programs and at all levels.