Objective 5

Develop a culture of “best practices” in support of academic endeavours


Recognizing the role of sound administrative practice as integral to McGill’s academic mission, the University continually seeks to improve practices and technological services that support of the academic mission. In a constrained resource environment, there is always a very pressing need to optimize existing resources and identify new resources. Further, our research intensity requires that we spend considerable funds and dedicate significant human resources to compliance and reporting functions. Last, but by no means least, we have to provide top quality front-line services to students and professors. In short, we need to ensure that we have the optimal services in support of sustaining and furthering McGill’s academic mission.


There are many efforts underway in Faculties and administrative units that are designed to enhance existing administrative practice. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has identified, and is implementing, projects that will streamline processes and responses and use technological solutions in innovative ways. There are several programs developed locally that have potential for expansion to other units. (GPS, ITS, CIO)


While many potential changes have been identified, there are multiple needs to develop and implement processes responsive to changes in the economic, political, social environments and technological advances and options.

Strategies and Proposed Actions

Strategy 5.1: McGill will continue to use existing resources and new resources strategically and cost-effectively, and in support of best practices (SRI) and will continue to identify opportunities for enhancing administrative efficiencies and enhanced services. (SRI)

Strategy 5.2: McGill will engage in critical scrutiny of current practices and staffing plans in order to identify and improve functions that best support mission critical academic excellence. (SRI Workforce Planning Initiative)

Action 5.2.1: The Provost working with the Deans and the VP (Administration and Finance) working with the unit heads of large support and services units will identify and actively implement best practices in their respective areas.  

Some activities of this nature are already underway, such as those in Arts and Medicine; the experiences in these Faculties will be carefully monitored and ported to other Faculties, when and where appropriate. Those aspects of these experiences that are directly transferable to other units will be adapted for use in other units across the University.

Action 5.2.2: Where there are clearly advantages, implement a model of shared administrative services that are sufficiently decentralized to respond to local challenges using focused expertise.

Strategy 5.3: McGill will emphasize effective management of regulatory processes.

Action 5.3.1: Develop a program to promote understanding of the concept of conflict of interest and ensure broad promulgation of existing policies and modifications as appropriate.