Objective 4

Develop and implement transformative research and creative activity initiatives based on competitive advantage

The Office of the Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) (VPRIR) is responsible for developing McGill’s Strategic Research Plan (SRP), from which a summary version is filed with the CRC and CFI granting agencies to ensure that McGill’s applications for support are well-defined in terms of their relationship to the University’s overall research profile. The full SRP is more comprehensive and informs the research strategic objectives in ASAP 2012.   

The next version of the Strategic Research Plan is in development. Seven broad Areas of Research Excellence have been identified as:

  • Explore fundamental questions about humanity, identity, and expression
  • Strengthen public policy and create a deeper understanding of social transformation
  • Capitalize on the convergence of life sciences, natural sciences, and engineering
  • Support health research and improved delivery of care
  • Unlock the potential of the human brain and the entire nervous system
  • Redefine the limits of technology and its applications in the Digital Age
  • Harness the power of the Earth, space, and the universe

A draft of the SRP can be found here.

The following strategies and actions were noted in Strengths and Aspirations (2006), or suggested by the Academic Renewal Work Group, and by the Office of the Associate Provosts.

Strategy 4.1: McGill will create new interdisciplinary and disciplinary research opportunities with high impact on the provincial, national, and international scene and will nurture a research environment that encourages cross-pollination across disciplines.1

Action 4.1.1: Develop and manage appropriate shared platforms, equipment, networks, and technology and knowledge transfer apparatus to support interdisciplinary research efforts. 2


Action 4.1.2: Create tools and extend their use to enable researchers to access relevant information, including grant notification, information, in a timely fashion.

Action 4.1.3: Faculties are asked to take into account complementarity with the SRP when they develop their academic recruitment plans.

Strategy 4.2: McGill will prepare faculty researchers to assume roles as research leaders. (Academic Renewal Work Group)

Action 4.2.1: Expand faculty-based review and mentoring programs to prepare faculty for research leadership (Academic Renewal Work Group). Note: implementation through the collaboration of VPRIR and Office of the Provost. 

Strategy 4.3: McGill will improve research development and administration performance.

Action 4.3.1: Develop mechanisms that will increase the ability to measure research performance in comparison with peers.

Action 4.3.2: Revisit and determine the criteria and related polices for the formation and termination of a centre.  Associate Provost for Policies, Procedures, and Equity)

Note: implementation through collaboration of VPRIR and Office of the Provost.

1 Strengths and Aspirations, Strategy IV.2, McGill will support strategic interdisciplinary efforts.
2 Strengths and Aspirations, Action IV.2.1