Postdoctoral Fellowships

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Humanities

The Faculty of Arts has received a substantial grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and has established a postdoctoral fellowship program in the humanities.

To view the Fellowship Requirements and the Application Process, see the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships 2017-2018 page in the left menu.

To read about current and former Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows, see the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellows page in the left menu.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Faculty of Arts will once again be conducting an internal competition to select its candidates for the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship competition. Please see the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship page in the left menu for information on the application process.

Please consult the Banting website and McGill’s GPS website for further details on the fellowship and for the responsibilities of the applicant, supervisor, and other university offices.

To read about current and former Banting Postdoctoral Fellows, see the Banting Postdoctoral Fellows page in the left menu.

FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellowships

To access the FRQSC website, click here.

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowships

To access the SSHRC Online Application, click here.

Media @ McGill Postdoctoral Fellowship

Media @ McGill is a hub of interdisciplinary research, scholarship and public outreach on issues in media, technology and culture, located in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies. It offers Postdoctoral Fellowships to promising scholars engaging in media-related research, as defined in its mission statement.

Fellows are provided with a workspace, and are expected to take an active role in the research activities and academic life of Media @ McGill (participation in conferences, seminars, etc.). They may also have the possibility of teaching a course within the Department of Art History and Communication Studies.

Eligibility: The Media @ McGill Postdoctoral Fellowship is open to both national and international scholars who completed their doctoral degrees in a university other than McGill no earlier than June 1, 2011 or later. Fluency in English is essential; working knowledge of French is an asset.

Value and Duration: The stipend for the Media @ McGill Postdoctoral Fellowship is $45,000 CAD for 12 months (this includes a travel research stipend) beginning in the first week of September 2015.

Application Process: Click here to view the two-part application process for 2015-2016.