HR Academic

Subgroup Members:

Lead: Jennifer Viens (Dean's Office) email
Sharon Barqueiro (Office of the Associate Provost) email
Judy Dear (Economics) email
Pina Giobbi (Political Science) email
Erin Henson (Sociology) email
Margaret Morgan-Adlam (English) email
Colleen Parish (History) email

Meeting Summaries:

February 5
Areas that we agreed to start working on:
•             Checklists
•             Unified Reports
•             A course ‘Academics 101’ for new administrative staff
•             Standardizing naming of electronic documents

February 12
Updated group on Project Team’s status.
•             Mitali Das presented the Unified Report she created for History and Classical Studies. The group felt that it would be very helpful in their units too. Action item: To make the form applicable for Faculty wide use and determine whether there is a way of collating the data electronically for the Annual Report.
•             Went over Tenure Stream Academic Recruitment Checklist.
•             Checklists to create: TAs (Judy will kindly commence), RAs and list of documents to send and to whom for all academic appointments.
•             Pina agreed to attend the Talent Acquisition Solution demonstrations along with Jen Viens.
•             Colleen agreed to be the backup coordinator for our CenterStage space.

March 1
This week, we moved foraward in the following areas:
•             CentreStage is up and running for our subgroup. Our first checklist is posted in our space: “Recruiting Tenure Stream Academics Checklist”
•             Pina and I gave a summary of the Talent Acquisition Solution presentations that we attended.
•             Judy’s checklist for TA appointments was reviewed and will be finalized shortly.
•             We will do a survey for AOs to see what pressing matters our subgroup should evaluate.
•             We discussed the revised Unified Report and how to implement the new form.

March 15
Although our group did not meet in person, due to regrets, we moved on items through email.
•             Session for Arts staff regarding immigration and relocation procedures for tenure stream academics set for Tuesday, March 26th from 2pm-4pm in ARTS 350.
•             Created a survey to be handed out during the above session.
•             Started creating the unified report through LimeSurvey.

March 26
-  During our regular scheduled meeting, Veronica Nahorniak, Michelle Cubano-Guzman and Randa Awad from HR held a session for Arts staff regarding immigration and relocation procedures for tenure stream academics.
-  The subgroup met after this session. Everyone agreed that we should hold annual information sessions on immigration and other pertinent topics.
-  The group discussed a survey to be sent to AOs regarding academic affairs processing. Survey was sent on April 2nd.

April 2
-  The subgroup will work with Anna Coscia on process mapping of tenure stream recruitment.
-  Sharon kindly gave updates on items from the Academic Personnel Office.
-  The subgroup will test the Unified Report survey before sending it to the Departments.

April 18
-  We discussed the results of our survey. The results were positive and indicated that we’re on the right trajectory with our checklists and information sessions. Our thanks to everyone for their feedback and we’re committed to working on the suggested areas.
-  Plan B for collecting the Unified Reports is being explored.