Process Identification & Mapping

Subgroup Members:

Lead: Anna Coscia (Arts HR) email
Franca Cianci (Sociology) email
Connie Di Giuseppe (Anthropology) email
Ernie Kinney (Organizational Development) email
Livia Nardini (East Asian) email
Anne Nudo (OASIS) email

Meeting Summaries:

The process mapping team has convened three times since the subgroups have been formed.  During that time we have worked on creating our team charter (how we are going to function as a team); the team is currently being training on the process mapping methodology; the process identification that we received from Units has been synthesized and translated into process names and finally a reserve email account was created (processmappingteam.arts [at] to facilitate communication between the team and the process participants that we will be contacting.

March 15: Invitations are being sent out to the leaders of each subgroup to schedule a meeting with the Process Mapping team to identify which three processes in each area will be mapped first.  These meetings will take place on March 28 and April 2.

April 5:
We have met with the leads of the subgroups who provided us with a list of processes that should be documented and a list of thos who should participate in each mapping process. The process mapping team will be meeting the week of April 8 to allocate the processes between us.  We will be in contact with individual participants at the end of the week of April 8 and the beginning of the week of April 15 to establish meeting times.