HR Administration

Subgroup Members:

Lead: Kathy Lauer (Arts HR) email
Franca Cianci (Sociology) email
Anna Coscia (Arts HR) email
Hélène Côté email
Judy Dear (Economics) email
Giuliana Panetta (Linguistics) email
Colleen Parish (History) email

Meeting Summaries:

February: We have had two good meetings during which we have discussed problems from the perspectives of both the departments and of the Faculty HR office.  The good news is that we all agree that we can work together on them to provide better and more transparent communication to and from the departments and the HR office.  We also will be reviewing some of the forms and checklists which we gathered and decide this afternoon who will work on which one(s).

March 7th: We finalized a comprehensive Checklist for Orienting New Staff which  can be tailored to the recipient’s needs based on whether he or she is: an employee new to McGill; an employee coming to Arts from within the University; a manager; a member of MUNACA. We are now working on a Welcome Letter for New Staff and lists of Training and Staff Development opportunities for Managers and for Supervisors. Kathy Lauer is preparing the draft of the Welcome Letter; Colleen Parish is preparing the draft for SIS courses; Giuliana Pancetta is preparing draft for FIS courses; Hélène Cote is preparing the draft for HR courses; and Anna Coscia is preparing the draft for Staff Development Courses.

March 28
We met with Guillaume Trottier, Sunny Ng and Joanne De Rose of CMS to discuss our needs and expectations with regard to using Centre Stage for our sub group.

April 4
We updated the Arts HR recruitment checklist to include the departments' responsibilities.