Facilities & Operations

Subgroup Members:

Lead: Savy Marino email
Andria De Luca (Linguistics) andria.de_luca [at] mcgill.ca (email)
Jackie Gregory (CIREQ, leacock Building Director) email
Jocelyn Regnier (DLLF) email
Susan Sharpe (Dean's Office) email
Enbal Singer (AUS) internal.aus [at] mail.mcgill.ca (email)

Tara Alward (Political Science) email
Daniela Caucci (Sociology) email
Angela Lapenna (East Asian) email
Alejandra Moreira-Cano (OASIS) email
Livia Nardini (East Asian) email
Anne Nudo (OASIS) email
Giuliana Panetta (Linguistics) email
Colleen Parish (History) email
Effie Poulis (Dean's Office) email

Meeting Summaries:

January 23
The group reviewed the Faculty of Medicine website and agreed it would be a good model to adopt in the Leacock administrative integrated services (http://www.mcgill.ca/medbuildings/).
The following items were discussed:
reports to facilities; stationery orders; mail services; NCS requests; Medeco keys; card readers; classroom repairs; security issues/protocols.
Items for next meeting: keys to filing cabinets; directory board changes; name plate additions/changes; moving requests; signage
Consultation: We will consult with the IT subgroup.

January 30
Discussion centred on the following:
(A) Establish building hubs within all Arts buildings during a shutdown; Building Directors as contact persons with backups;
(B) Establish security protocols and meeting points for an electrical outage, fire, or any other shutdown/evacuation of a building;
(C) Establish communication of protocol during a shutdown;
(D) Safety measures in general offices;
(E)Medeco key issues.
Items for next meeting:  card readers; classroom work orders; keys to filing cabinets; directory board changes; signage; moving requests.