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Subgroup Members:

Lead: Johanne Bilodeau email
Corinne Deeley (English/Moyse Hall) email
Elisabeth Faure (MISC) elisabeth.faure [at] (email)
Justin Fletcher (AUS) email
Petros Psarudis (MISC) petros.psarudis [at] (email)
Kim Reany (Dean's Office) email
Nellie Voudouris (OASIS) email

Meeting Summaries:

Initial meetings to February 22:
Establish who is involved with organizing events and communications in the Faculty of Arts.
Get input from a variety of sources, from people who organize events and deliver communications, to the recipients of these activities (academics, staff, student, outreach).
Evaluate whether it is worth centralizing some or all events and/or communications in the Faculty of Art.
If so, what would this look like, what services would be centralized, what would not, how would it work? If not, can anything be done to provide assistance / to propose uniformity to events in the Faculty of Arts to ensure that events and communications run smoothly and that staffing (and backups) is allocated appropriately.
Ensure that (1) events organized for students and alumni are well-attended and achieve the desired results and (2) that student-run events receive the assistance they may need.
Include discussion of communications in general.
Survey sent out Friday, February 22 to all administrative staff with the following email:

Dear members of the Faculty of Arts Administrative staff,
As you know, the Faculty of Arts has launched the People, Processes, Partnerships initiative (3P Initiative).  As a way of keeping you in the loop and making sure your voice is heard, the Events and Communications Subgroup would like your input and has devised a short questionnaire.  Kindly complete the survey by clicking on Events and Communications Survey.  It should take less than five minutes – and please do not forget to press SUBMIT when you are done.
A response by Friday, March 1, 2013 would be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to add any information or make suggestions.  Keep in mind that we are interested in the tasks that you actually do – regardless of your job title.
Please note that this information will not be ‘strictly confidential’.  If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact any member of the Events and Communication subgroup - you can find the names of the subgroup members below.  Should you wish to provide confidential input, please use the Project Feedback Form – the information on that form is forwarded to the Arts Project Team without names.
For more information regarding the 3P Initiative, please go to People, Processes and Partnerships Initiative.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  Your input is greatly appreciated.
If you have any trouble with the links, here details:
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Project Feedback Form:
Project Website Homepage:

March 5th: This week the Events and Communications subgroup looked over the results from the survey.  Of the 100+ administrative staff and 300 tenure-track academics, we received 71 responses.  The survey was also sent out to student executives but, unfortunately, the timing coincided with spring break and we only received one response.  The team talked about the lack of use, based on the survey, of Facebook and Twitter.  We also noticed that several respondents were not aware of the Media Relations Office.  It seems that there are a variety of mailing lists that exist and we discussed how they are used to communicate events and news.  In many ways it seems that everyone is doing their own thing.  A discussion ensued regarding the possibility of having a common place to find events that are being organized by the Faculty of Arts.  There exists such a thing in the University, called Channels ( ), where events can be posted and then the events can be listed on the unit’s website (for example – see right side column - Events: ) .  It is best to avoid duplication and work with existing systems.  Finally, it was believed that a webpage that included tips on how to organize an event would be a good start.  This site would include links to a variety of services that are available to event planners, including Media Relations, University events (for flags, podiums, etc.), where to book rooms, where to find listservs, proposed timelines, etc.

April 5:
Met with the mapping leads (Anna Coscia and Ernie Kinney).  The three tasks chosen to map first are: (1) a lecture series (although one may already exist from a previous mapping exercise); (2) an annual conference; and (3) student info sessions (and all the different activities tied thereto).  The communications aspects of each will be included.
Individuals who ordinarily perform these tasks may be called upon to assist the Process Mapping Team.
In the near future we shall create two lists:
(1)          List of all recurring lecture series / named lectures in the Faculty
(2)          List of all activities that might fall under “student information sessions” over which the Faculty of Arts has control, e.g., ASAPs, hiring TAs, 1st year activities, study abroad, etc.

April 12
The Events and Communications Subgroup met on April 12.  The following points were discussed:
(1)   Proposals regarding the an events / communications unit will be put on the back-burner until we have a better idea of the staffing changes that may take place in the next little while.  This does not feel like an ideal time to make such plans.
(2)   We will spend the next few weeks obtaining the required information for the upcoming mapping sessions.  An email will be sent to departments and other units will be contacted to ask what recurring lectures and recurring large events are organized by their department every year (recurring, in this case, is defined as an event taking place four times in the past five years).
(3)   It was agreed that the team will start working on various tasks to provide centralized information and/or propose solutions to a variety of challenges that event organizers and communications people encounter.  Examples include:
-  who and when to contact Media Relations;
-  where to advertise different events (e.g. McGill channels, arts website, local website, artsminevent mailing list, etc.);
-  online registration forms;
-  online payment of registration fees (coordinated with banking);
-  key contacts for room bookings;
-  where to find important items (e.g. flags, a/v, restaurants, etc.)
and more.

April 16
The Events and Communications Subgroup met again on April 16 and agreed that we would keep the momentum and continue meeting until (and possibly throughout) the summer months – as much as possible.  The committee brainstormed on names of people who may be able to share important information with us regarding events and communication, e.g. Debbie Yacoulis, Kathleen Holden, Julie Timmins, Maria Keenan, Debbie Dankoff, Cynthia Lee, among others, as well as someone from the Faculty of Arts, Music and the Redpath Museum. A discussion ensued about breaking up tasks into four different quadrants:  (1) external with registration fee; (2) external without registration fee; (3) internal with registration fee; and (4) internal without registration fee.  The group talked more about getting access and/or taking a course to learn more about CentreStage so that we could work on documents together – such as a list of places where one could advertise an event.  The Committee will meet again on Friday, April 26.

April 26
The Events and Communications Subgroup team continued to discuss the various tasks that would be expected from a unit dedicated to events and communications.  Of note, the team proposed naming the unit the ACE Team (Arts Communications and Events Team).  Time was also spent further developing the mission statement of the proposed unit. 

May 16
The team started to develop three scenarios (small, medium, large) which will be shared with the PPP Project Team in the next few weeks.  The team is also starting to work on what information could be provided in a reference tool – a guidebook or website or both - including the creation of a ‘Request for ACE Team Assistance’ form.  Team members have been encouraged to sign up for the CenterStage courses that that will enable the efficient sharing of documents.