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                                            People, Processes & Partnerships:
                                                  A Faculty of Arts Initiative  


Establishing Administrative Support Centres: Objectives, Structure, Costs (February 2014)


                        FAQs from the January 22 Town Hall have been posted.

                                                Project Timeline

Attached are the Key Developments in the Project to January 2014.



                                                 Mission Statement:

The Faculty’s Workforce Planning Initiative is designed to ensure that Faculty support and administrative staff provide students, faculty members, and other support and administrative staff with the best possible services, given available resources.



                                                 Space Update: 

Attached are the finalized floor plans for the administrative offices of LLC and EAS on the 4th floor of 688 Sherbrooke, the administrative offices of DDLF and FLC on the 2nd floor of the Arts Building, the academic offices of FLC on the 4th floor of Ferrier, and the Leacock Building.




                                                 Project Structure

To view the Project Structure and to access contact information for Project Team Members and Sub-Group Leads, click here.