SSHRC Standard Research Grants

Art History and Communication Studies

Barney, Darin D., 2009, Grain elevators and the politics of technology in rural Canada
Jones, Amelia, 2010, Material traces: duration and embodiment in contemporary art
Raboy, Marc, 2008, Mapping global media and communication policy
Rentschler, Carrie A., 2011, Phantom Witness: The 1964 Kitty Genovese murder and its cultural legacies
Sterne, Jonathan E., 2009, Sound directions: how sonic models shape new media
Straw, William O., 2008 Crime, visuality and print media
Vanhaelen, Angela C., 2011, Urban pleasure gardens and the transformation of public life in early modern Amsterdam


Galaty, John, 2010, An ethnography of social complexity and strategic choice: How pastoralists in East Africa respond to drought, poverty, land fragmentation, and globalization

East Asian Studies

Fong, Grace, 2008, Auto-biographical subjects: life histories in women's literary collections in late imperial China, 17th-19th centuries
Hurley, Adrienne, 2011, Narratives of Violence and the Emperor System in Heisei Japan
Lamarre, Thomas, 2007, The work of fans: Anime Otaku and transformations in labour
Lamarre, Thomas, 2011, Cartoon animals and media networks in Japan, 1900-2000


Davidson, Russell, 2009 Bootstrap theory and applications
Galbraith, John W., 2007, Econometric developments using progress in nonparametric estimation
Hunt, Jennifer A., 2006, Using international micro-data to study the determinants of bribery
Hunt, Jennifer A., 2009, Looking beyond native men for innovation and entrepreneurship: the potential of women and immigrants
Poschke, Markus, 2011, Growth through experimentation
Xue, Licun, 2007, Bidding and coalition formation in environments with externalities


Hepburn, Allan, 2011, Faith and British Culture, 1939-1962
Mole, Tom, 2007, Imagining Byron in the Nineteenth-Century
Sabor, Peter, 2006, The court journals and letters of Frances Burney
Sabor, Peter, 2009, The life of Jane Austen: a critical biography
Trehearne, Brian, 2011, The complete poems of John Glassco: A scholarly edition

Langue et littérature françaises

Angenot, Marc, 2011, Controverses intellectuelles et débats publics: histoire et théorie
Biron, Michel, 2008, L'hétérogénéité du roman québécois contemporain
Daunais, Isabelle, 2009, La pensée sur le roman 1900-1970
Everett, Jane, 2006, Rewriting(s): the anthologization of Gabrielle Roy

German Studies

Piper, Andrew, 2008, Goethe, print and the medium of the self

Hispanic Studies

Jouve Martin, Jose R., 2010, Death, Kingship, and Writing in the Spanish Colonial Empire (1560-1886)
Macchi, Fernanda, 2011, Reading the chronicles during the Age of Revolution


Beck, Hans, 2010, Greek Federal States
Cowan, Brian W., 2011, Charismatic things: celebrity, materiality and partisan politics in Britain, circa 1678-1789
Dew, Nicholas, 2009, Science and empire in the French Atlantic world, c. 1660-1760
Lewis, Brian, 2008, Queering Britain: George Ives and sexual inversion from Wilde to Wolfenden
Luthi, Lorenz M., 2008, The Cold War transformed, 1960s to 1980s
Luthi, Lorenz M., 2011, Rise of the Post-Cold War World, 1960s to 1980s
Szapor, Judith, 2010, Where have all the feminists gone? Hungarian women, the suffrage, and the politics of gender, 1918-1922

Islamic Studies

Manoukian, Setrag, 2011, An ethnography of public life as self-expression in contemporary Iran


Boberg, Charles S., 2011, Foreign-a words and the third vowel of Canadian English
Gillon, Brendan, 2010, Language and context
Wagner, Michael, 2011, Relative prosodic boundary strength and its role in encoding syntactic structure
White, Lydia, 2008, Interfaces in second language acquisition: accounting for the difficulties of second language learners


Al-Saji, Alia, 2009, Vision, race and ethics: a phenomenological investigation of racializing perception
Di Giovanni, George, 2010, The Vocation of Humankind (1800-1832): The pursuit of an Enlightenment theme without Enlightenment assumptions

Political Science

Gidengil, Elisabeth L., 2006, Electoral dynamics in Canada
Johnson, Juliet E., 2004, The Central Banking Revolution: Transnational Networks and Post-Communist Transformation
Johnson, Juliet E., 2008, The power of symbolic capital: political struggles over monuments and memorials in the post-communist world
Levy, Jacob T., 2008, Federalism reconsidered: the accidental innovation and the separation of loyalties
Levy, Jacob T., 2011, Contra politanism
Oxhorn, Philip D., 2006, Citizenship as consumption or citizenship as agency: competing models of citizenship in Bolivia, Chile and Mexico
Oxhorn, Philip D., 2009, The social construction of citizenship rights in new democracies: comparing South Africa and Chile
Saideman, Stephen, 2010, Dangerous Diasporas? Understanding the Impact of Emigre Ethnic Groups
Saideman, Stephen, 2006, Double hats, double trouble: understanding the problem of delegation in multilateral military intervention
Tarnopolsky, Christina H., 2006, What's so negative about the negative emotions?

School of Social Work

Collin-Vézina, Delphine, 2009, Decline in Sexual Abuse Cases Investigated by the Canadian Child Welfare Systems: Exploration of Potential Explanation
Grenier, Amanda, 2005, Late Life Transition: Understanding the 'Fit' between Policy and Personal Experience
Krane, Julia E., 2007, Engaging mothers and fathers: challenges for social service practices with parents
Lavoie, Jean-Pierre, 2008, Gentrification et exclusion sociale des personnes âgées


Fallon, Kathleen, 2010, Transforming Social Policies: The Critical Mass of Women Legislators in Developing Countries
Le Bourdais, Celine, 2010, Mariage et procréation au Canada: les fondements de la famille a la croisée des chemins
Van den Berg, Axel, 2008, Shifting interactions between employment and social policies: new welfare regimes in OECD countries and Canadian provinces
Weiner, Elaine S., 2007, Gender travels and translations: the European Union, equal opportunities and the Czech Republic