2017-2018 - Employment Opportunity for PhD students - Course Lecturers - Job posting 2


McGill University 

Department of Art History and Communication Studies 

2017-2018 - Employment Opportunity for PhD students Course Lecturers  

Job posting 2 


The Department of Art History and Communication Studies has received authorization for four “course exclusions” in 2017-2018 – that is to say that we can hire students to teach the following four courses without posting the positions under the terms of the course lecturer’s collective agreement : 

Fall 2017 :  ARTH 205 and COMS 230 
Winter 2018 : ARTH 200 and COMS 200 
The Department invites applications for course lecturers to teach the above listed courses. Eligible applicants must be students registered in one of our PhD programmes, in good academic standing, who have completed their comprehensive examinations before the start date of the course. Priority will be accorded to students who have not yet taught a course at McGill. Proposals for co-teaching will also be considered. 

In order to apply to teach one of the FALL courses, please submit letter of application, current CV, proposed course outline or sample syllabus for the course in question, and evidence of prior teaching effectiveness (if you have it).  Application deadline for the WINTER courses will be announced in late August.   

Please note that these courses are IN ADDITION to the positions currently advertised under the terms of the course lecturers’ collective agreement. Eligible candidates may apply in both competitions. 


Please send applications to the following persons : 

Mrs. Hélène Côté (helene [dot] cote [at] mcgill [dot] ca (helene [dot] cote [at] mcgill [dot] ca)) 

Marie-Louise Chung (marie-louise [dot] chung [at] mcgill [dot] ca (marie-louise [dot] chung [at] mcgill [dot] ca)) 

Posting date : 1 June 2017 
Application deadline for FALL courses23 June 2017 


Fall 2017 Courses – Salary : $8,000 : 

ARTH 205 (CRN XXXXX – 3 creditsIntroduction to Modern Art 

Schedule :  

September 05, 2017 to December 07, 2017 

Days and time TBD 

Course description : The course is an introduction to the modern period in art history which begins around 1750. It examines the development in both painting and sculpture and relates to changes in the social and political climate of the times. 

Location : TBD 


COMS 230 (CRN 13415 – 3 creditsCommunication and Democracy  

Schedule :  

September 05, 2017 to December 07, 2017 

Tuesday-Thursday, 2:35 pm to 3:55 pm 

Course description : Introduction to investigation of the relationship between communication, media practices and democracy. Examines the role of media and communication in existing and emerging democratic contexts, and the challenges of constructing and maintaining a democratic media and communication environment on the domestic and international levels. 

Location : Arts W-120 



Winter 2018 Courses – Salary : $8,200 (Application deadline for the WINTER courses will be announced in late August: 

ARTH 200 (CRN XXXXX – 3 credits) Introduction to Art History 1 

Schedule :   

Jan 08, 2018 - Apr 16, 2018   

Days and time TBD  

Course description : Selected introductory survey of the history of art. 

Location : TBD 

COMS 200 (CRN 17217 – 3 credits) History of Communication 

Schedule :   

Jan 08, 2018 - Apr 16, 2018 

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 8:35 am to 9:25 am 

Course description : The social and cultural implications of major developments in communications from prehistory to the electronic era. Thematic and conceptual introduction to the underlying media technologies and to some key issues and practices of historical thinking about their role in society. 

Location : Arts W-215