History in the Making: McGill Arts Graduates

For generations, McGill's Faculty of Arts has prepared its students to play leadership roles in business, government and the arts, both in Canada and abroad.

John Humphrey

Arts alumnus John Humphrey, BA'27, helped set out the basic principles of human rights for all the people of the world when he drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

Ian Binnie and Morris Fish

Canadian Supreme Court justices Ian Binnie, BA'60, and Morris Fish, BA'59, holds two of the most important seats in Canadian jurisprudence.

Marie-Claire Kirkland

Marie-Claire Kirkland, BA'47, was the first woman elected to the National Assembly in Quebec, the first woman appointed a cabinet minister and the first woman judge on the Quebec Provincial Court.

Vivienne Poy and Joan Fraser

Vivienne Poy, BA'62, and Joan Fraser, BA'65, serve as members of the Senate of Canada.

Monique Jérôme-Forget

Monique Jérôme-Forget, BA'71, PhD'77, is the current Quebec finance minister.

Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor, BA'52, emeritus professor of philosophy, received the $1.5-million Templeton Prize for his work emphasizing the importance of both the secular and spiritual dimensions in dealing with issues like violence and hatred.

John Ralston Saul

John Ralston Saul, BA'69, is a prize-winning essayist, novelist and one of Canada's foremost intellectuals.

Lionel Tiger

Lionel Tiger, BA'57, MA'60, is a renowned biological anthropologist and author.

Mark Starowicz

Mark Starowicz, BA'68, is the producer behind some of Canada's groundbreaking news and documentary programs, including As It Happens, Sunday Morning, The Journal and Canada: A People's History.

Moses Znaimer

Moses Znaimer, BA'63, is the maverick TV broadcasting force who founded Bravo! CityTV and MuchMusic.

John F. Burns

John F. Burns, BA'66, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning bureau chief for the New York Times in Baghdad.

Shirley Thomson

Shirley Thomson, PhD'82, has been director of the Canada Council for the Arts and of the National Gallery of Canada.

John H. McCall MacBain

John H. McCall MacBain, BA'80, is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Trader Classified Media, one of the world's largest classified advertising companies.

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie, BA'90, has been Chief of Staff in Stephen Harper's Prime Minister's Office since Harper's ascension to prime minister in 2006.

Nejeed Kassam

Current political science student Nejeed Kassam has founded End Poverty Now, an NGO fighting poverty worldwide.

Katie McKenna

Political Science student Katie McKenna has directed a documentary produced by the National Film Board that explores the pressures facing teenage boys as seen through the lives of four Montreal teens in their final year of high school.