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Campaign McGill and the Future of Arts Education

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ducation in the social sciences and humanities is at the core of every great university and every great civilization. A strong arts education prepares students to be independent thinkers, capable of sifting through complex webs of information and forging a consensus among their colleagues and peers. It provides the analytical tools, perspective and communications ability that is critical to successful lives in virtually every field of human endeavour. From boardrooms to courtrooms, from television studios to the highest level of government, graduates of McGill’s Faculty of Arts are making their mark around the world. A great university without a great faculty of arts is unimaginable.


The Faculty of Arts provides students with an extensive base of intellectual content and skills enabling them to explore ideas, evaluate evidence critically, and communicate effectively. Your gift can help support faculty research, scholarships and fellowships, building and maintaining facilities and programs, and new technology. Learn more about priorities in the Faculty of Arts in our Case for Support:

Campaign McGill and the Future of Arts Education - Case for Support [.pdf]

To inquire about making a gift to the Faculty, contact debbie [dot] dankoff [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Debbie Dankoff) , Director of Development, Development & Alumni Relations Office, Faculty of Arts, 514-398-6590.