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Photo: Owen Egan

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Arts. The Faculty of Arts sits at the heart of McGill University in more ways than one. The Arts Building is the first building in sight when one arrives at McGill and begins the walk into campus from the Roddick Gates. Many of those students who pass through these fabled Gates will also pass through the Faculty of Arts. Its 7000 undergraduate and 1200 graduate students make Arts the largest faculty in the University.

Our programs span the full breadth of the humanities and social sciences. Students can choose from courses offered in 15 academic departments, 20 interdisciplinary programs and two Schools (Information Studies and Social Work). The intellectual diversity of the Faculty is tremendous.

Teaching and research activities in the Faculty of Arts are led by an exceptional professoriate drawn from the world’s best universities.  Tenure track academic staff now number about 300, many of whom have come to McGill in the last ten years in a period of unprecedented academic renewal. Our professors make the Faculty of Arts a rich learning environment and a site for internationally renowned research.

The Faculty of Arts is an exciting, dynamic place. We work together in the Faculty to understand the world and to make it better, and to share the challenges and rewards of intellectual discovery. It is a pleasure to serve the Faculty as Interim Dean.

If you have questions after visiting the site, the staff in our Departments, Schools and Institutes will be pleased to provide assistance.

Hudson Meadwell,
Dean of Arts (Interim)

Hudson Meadwell received his BA from the University of Manitoba and his MA and PhD from Duke University. Professor Meadwell is known internationally for his work on nations and nationalism, primarily in Europe and North America.  He also works on European political development, particularly on state and nation formation and regime politics in 19th and early 20th century Western Europe.  Professor Meadwell has published extensively in academic journals in the fields of nationalism studies, comparative and international politics, history, sociology and social theory. He is the co-editor of Politics and Rationality: Rational Choice in Application and The Social Sciences and Rationality.