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Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Website

This page serves as a portal to provide information to students and Faculty on new initiatives to support the involvement of undergraduate students in research and to showcase the achievements of our students.

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Arts Research Internship Awards ARIA Summer 2015

Established by Dean Christopher P. Manfredi in 2010, the purpose of the Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Award (ARIA) is to support undergraduate students who undertake research during the summer under the direct supervision of a faculty member. Students contribute to the professor’s research agenda while gaining useful academic research skills. The ARIA program is supported by generous contributions from McGill alumni, the Dean of Arts and the Arts Undergraduate Society.

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5th Annual Arts Undergraduate Research Event

On January 14, 2015 we celebrate the contributions of undergraduate students to research within the Faculty of Arts at McGill. The Arts Undergraduate Research Event features multimedia presentations from students and a research poster showcase. Participating students include summer 2014 ARIA (Arts Research Internship Awards) recipients.

Opening remarks by Principal Suzanne Fortier & Dean of Arts Christopher P. Manfredi.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - Leacock 232 (4:30PM)

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Congratulations to our 2014 ARIA recipients

2014 Aria Award Recipients [Photo: Owen Egan]